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How We Almost Got Arrested(A Short Story)

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Afternoon finally dragged itself in like a snail finally reaching its goal. Before anyone could notice me I grabbed a big glass of sparkling cider and a brown paper bag.
"Could life get any better than this?" I thought as I stuffed the items into my coat's long pockets and left the store as quickly as possible.
   Deran street was a sweet and quiet little block that had those old brick roads and houses from the 1600's and was always dead silent. Eli's house was parked right in the middle of the block and as the only house that seemed out of place. Flags that had all the names of people who inspired him dropped off the balcony he had gotten attached to his house.

"Gong!" the doorbell groaned when I rung it, taking almost no time the door opened and I was greeted by the sweet sensation of his lips on mine.
"Hey gorgeous. Do you have it?" He asked grabbing my hands and guiding me into his house and up to his room.

"I would never let you down like that." I smiled and pulled out the 'borrowed' items out of my pockets.
    Jumping with glee and clapping wasn't the most masculine thing a 19 year old boy would do, but then again he also didn't look very masculine either, he was right in the middle of feminine and masculine so it was endearing.

    "Kenna!!I love you!" he exclaimed taking the sparkling cider and paper bag from me and I could do was smile in response.

"Let's get intoxicated!" Eli screamed out the open window which pointed to the police station that lived cross the street.
"Makenna go in my nightstand drawer and there will be our school ID's from 10th grade. Get them please."
   Eli commanded as he slipped on his favorite black leather jacket, but not putting on any shoes. Nodding I went to get them not realizing how weird it was for him to have our school ID's.Opening the door to his room I slid to his side, handed him the IDs and we linked arms and skipped across the street to the police station and sat right under the security camera. Popping open the cider and placing it in the paper bag we took turns drinking it.

"Quit spilling it."I said nudging him then laughing as he tried to contain is laughter long enough so that he could swallow, but he failed miserably and it spilled from his lips and onto his jacket.

"Relax and just chill dude."I slurred and allowed some sparkling cider to slide down my lips and that began our

"Make the cops think we're drinking under the influence"game finally start.
" 'Scuse me. Just what do y'all think are doing?"A police officer with a southern accent asked us almost 30 minutes into our game and 10 minutes of us singing off key at the top of our lungs for no reason except that we were simply drunk and bored.

"This just me and boyfriend doin' nothin' in particular officer" I explained getting up to shake his hand, but I stumbled and fell so I just patted his leg and leaned up against Eli's shoulder."Ummmm..."The police officer started but trailed off when Eli loudly whispered to me that he looked like a balding camel and we both broke out into a fit of laughter "Can I just see your ID's and I'll be on my way." "Well if you insist officer sir."Eli said reaching into his pocket and pulling out our ID's and giving them to the officer. Various emotions swung on and off his face like a disco ball "You two are under arrest for drinking under the influence. "He announced with a certain pride that made me suspect that he was new at this job."WhAt?!? B-but we weren't drinkin' sir!"Eli sputtered holding the sparkling cider to his chest trying to protect it, but the officer pried it from his hands "Nooooooooo, you're so vile. Give it back" Eli whined."Xpect no respect from us anymore. We're innocent I tell you innocent!" and kicked his leg, he ignored me and took the "alcohol" from the bag and became dead silent when he saw the label and he sighed."You think this is funny?"The officer glared at us"YES! You fell for it which makes it that much funnier!!"Me and Eli exclaimed cracking up until our face turned red and we couldn't breathe. Zippering his jacket up as a cold April breeze came, and before he could he could say anything else we ran and didn't stop until we were in the safety of Eli's room where we threw ourselves onto his bed and laughed then we fell asleep holding hands.

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