4: Who Cares if I Kicked Your Ass in a Duel?

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Defense Against the Dark Arts has always been my favorite subject. Especially since I spend most of my time trying to escape Voldemort and his sadistic Death Eaters. I need to defend myself somehow, right? DADA is very fun for me. I love learning the new spells, and the feeling of adrenaline when I duel someone. Just not when it's a serious duel.

I ambled into the classroom, sitting in the front. I noticed how the classroom seemed a bit bigger than usual, and all the desks were pushed to the far right side. Mats lined the left side, throughout the rest of the classroom. Besides the front, because that's where the professor's desk was placed.

'Yes!' I thought excitedly. 'We'll be dueling!' Wow, the first day of class and we're already dueling. Nice.

I growled lowly when I noticed Peter enter the room. Stupid, no good, evil little bastard! Rat faced, lowlife, traitor--

"Reeeeeenley," I heard a familiar voice. I perked up, turning to see Sirius waving his hand in my face. I must have spaced out.

"What?" I asked.

"You spaced out," Sirius shrugged. He took a seat beside me yet again, and leaned back casually. I tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for the teacher to arrive. I wonder who's teaching DADA this year?

Finally, a rather toned woman entered the classroom. She was young, and didn't have a single gray hair in sight. She had a couple wrinkles, which is natural, I guess. She strolled confidently into the room, hands clasped together calmly. Her eyes were an inhuman gold, with swirls of neon green. Her eyes had no white, but instead held black. She was dressed in somewhat tight robes, and I assume that's for dueling.

"Sweet!" I heard James whisper to Remus. "We have a hot DADA teacher!" Sirius high-fived him by leaning behind me, making me roll my eyes.

"Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts," the woman greeted in a rich voice. "My name is Abigail Kaylen." She paused, suddenly reaching into her robes and withdrawing her wand. "Today I'll be evaluating what you already know. We'll be dueling in partners, and the final winner will duel against me." She waved her wand soundlessly to the chalkboard, and a list of rules scribbled themselves onto the surface.

"There will be no dark spells, and no severe wounding spells. No holding back either. The faster we finish the duels, the sooner we can learn," Professor Kaylen exclaimed. "Understood?" We all nodded to show we understood. "Good. I'll pair you up now."

She began listing off names, in a random order. I fidgeted in my seat excitedly, tapping my fingers against the desk.

"Renley Lane and Severus Snape," Professor Kaylen announced. I smirked, turning to face a much younger version of Snape. He glared at me intimidatingly, and I almost flinched back.

"Good luck, Renley," Remus muttered.

"I don't need it," I shrugged.

"I hate to admit it, but Snivellus is a good dueler," Sirius grumbled. "You'll probably need the luck."

After a few minutes, everyone was paired up. James was with Remus, Sirius was with a girl named Jane, and Peter was with some poor girl named Julia.

"One pair at a time," Kaylen ordered. "Potter and Lupin, you go first." The pair nodded, giving joking glares to each other.

They bowed respectively, and then aimed their wands at each other. "Immobulus!" Remus tried.

"Protego!" James responded. A silvery shield appeared before him, blocking Remus's spell.

The duel continued for a couple minutes, but it seemed Remus knew more spells. I snickered when James was attacked by a chair, and was screaming to Remus to not let the chair attack his face.

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