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Ponyboy POV
There is something Brooklyn is not telling me. She is always upset. I tried to ask Johnny but he didn't know anything. It was 3:30. I was waiting for Brooklyn on the park bench outside our school, but I didn't see her. I waited a little longer but she still wasn't coming out. I walked around the school a little bit but she still wasn't coming out. I walked over to Johnny house and knocked on the door. Brooklyn open the door. I hugged her quickly and said "where were you? I was looking everywhere for you!" She said " I was here this whole time. Why were you looking for me?!" "Well because we are dating and I was worried about you!". Johnny came down the stairs and  said "hey Pony.whats up?" I said "I'm just about to go home."  I waved bye and walked away. Brooklyn said quickly "Pony wait!" I ignored her and kept walking. When I got home Soda was waiting for me. He said "what's up little brother?" I shrugged and walked into my room. Soda followed me. He looked worried. He said "What's wrong Pony? And don't you dare say nothing because I know something is up!" I said "do you think...........never mind ." "Pony what is it? You know you can tell me!" I finished my sentence "do you think Brooklyn is getting bullied?" Soda looked at me in awe and said "why would you think that?" I said "I don't know. I mean she is always upset and she doesn't wanna hangout with anyone." We heard a knock on the door. Soda said "I'll be back". I heard Soda say "he's in his room" then I heard footsteps coming to my room. The door opened, it was Brooklyn. She looked at me and said "I am soooo sorry! I know I was a jerk! I am sorry!" I jumped up and hugged her and said "Dont worry! Just Pleaseeeee tell me why you are upset!!!!" She said "it's nothing. I'm fine! I promise!" "Come on! Just tell me!!!!" Brooklyn yelled "STOP!!!!!!! Just leave me alone!" She ran out. She left her bag in my room so I decided to look through it.

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