Camila raised an eyebrow.

"Tequila to stop your sulking. Lo's probably half-drunk by now. You need to catch up."

"I'm not sulking." Camila mumbled, taking the flask anyway.

"And Lauren's not drunk." Louis protested.

Camila coughed loudly. The drink was smooth, but it went down the wrong pipe, and Camila took another swig or two to settle everything down. Normani watched, amused.

Camila cleared her throat and handed the flask back. "It's so hot." She murmured, mostly to herself. The drink only made her warmer.

Normani nodded. "Everybody's sweating like fat pigs."

Louis looked repulsed. Camila glanced over his shoulder and caught sight of Lauren leaning against the railing further up the pier. Her face was lit up by yellow pier lights, and her dark hair stuck around her forehead while she laughed at whatever was being said to her.

"You should go pull her away." Louis said quietly. "She's probably had enough."

Camila nodded shortly. "I will in a minute."

She turned back to Louis and Normani and squared her shoulders. "I have- my flight's early tomorrow. Not ungodly early, but...I'm not sure if I'll see you before I leave."

Normani scoffed. She smiled menacingly, but her eyes were too glassy to be legitimately threatening.

"Oh, you will see me, Cabello. In the shop. I don't care what time because I'll probably be there all the goddamn night. Lauren says there's an armadillo hiding in the storage room."

Camila stared.

"And if you don't come and see me, I'll track you down in la la land and smother you myself."

Normani strode away, sipping from her flask, and Louis grinned. "Smother with love, she means."

Camila turned to him, lips pressed together. She put a hand on Louis's chest, right over the sea turtle logo, and tapped fondly. "I'm gonna miss you."

Louis wrapped his arms around Camila's shoulders. "We'll miss you too, little star."

"Keep everybody else in line." Camila instructed, muffled against his chest. "Don't let Lauren kill them."

"You're the only one who can tame Lauren."

Camila chuckled. "Well, try. Please."

Louis pulled back and ruffled Camila's curled, sandy hair. "I will."

"Okay." Camila watched him for a moment. There was heat lightning in the distance behind him and he was smiling warmly, patiently, and Camila finally nodded to herself and stepped away. "Okay, thank you, Louis. I'll see you soon."

Camila didn't know what exactly "soon" was, but it was a promise she'd keep.


Lauren could tell that Camila was having a hard time approaching.

She'd left the pier and was now wading through the water about fifty yards up the beach. Lauren walked towards her quietly, sinking in the sand, used to roaming about in the dark. Camila's head tipped, but she didn't turn around.

Lauren gave up her stealthy approach and came up quickly behind Camila, splashing through the shallow water. She wrapped both arms around Camila's waist and kissed her cheek.

"Hey there!" She greeted.

Camila tilted backwards, chuckling. "Hey."

Lauren nuzzled into the back of her neck.

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