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Clara's P.O.V

I wake up in a dark and cold room. I don't hear anyone else and for a second I forget what happened. Oh, fuck. Jace kidnapped me. Fuck. Now Harry's in even more danger. If he comes looking for me, who knows what Jace will do. I didn't think Jace would do this. I have no clue what he's capable of. I stand to my feet, but my head throbs from lack of air. Ouch. It's like having a hangover. My wrists are soar, too, from Jace gripping them so tightly last night. I find the door to leave the room and walk towards it. I assume that it will be locked, but I try it anyway. My assumption was correct. Shit. I lean against the door and take deep breaths. Suddenly, the door opens harshly, yanking me backwards. Jace walks in and turns on the lights. Ouch, that's bright. I scramble backwards, panting fearfully, and I curse myself for being so afraid. Fuck that, you need to think clearly, Clara. I hit my back against the wall, hard, and yelp.

"What do you want?" I ask. "I don't get it."

"You're a whore," Jace growls. "Can't you be a whore for me, too?"

"Harry wasn't my boyfriend," I gasp. "I swear."

"'Wasn't'? So he is now?" Jace asks, stalking towards me. I look away, bracing myself for the hit that comes next. He punches me, hard, snapping my head all the way to the side. Ow! I cough up blood. Gross...

"I don't know," I whisper. "I swear, Jace. I haven't any idea what we are."

"Well, I hope he figures it out soon so that he comes looking for you. I would hate for this to happen without him..." Jace whispers, trailing off with a bloodthirsty grin.  My breathing quickens and I close my eyes, terrified.

He steps closer and crouches down so that I feel him breathing down my neck. I flinch. He chuckles slightly. "I love that you're scared of me, slut," he breathes. I hold back my tears and sobs, but then his fingers trail along my collar bone and I freeze. Holy shit, he wouldn't. His hand trails down and I try to move away, but his hands fly to trap me where I am against the wall.

His mouth takes his hand's place, trailing down my collar bone and to me cleavage. I struggle, but now his hands are holding mine to the wall. Jace is sitting on my liegs so that I can't move them, so my struggles are feeble and pointless. His hands rip open my shirt so that I am left in just my bra. I scream, the only thing I know to do, but no one will hear me. I know that. And no one would care, anyway. Anyone in this house would probably be just as bad as Jace, if not worse. I shiver at the thought. 

"Please," I whimper. "Don't do this."

But he ignores my sobs and requests. Holy shit, no. But he does. I feel like shit, trash, and no one cares. Maybe Jace is right. I'm nothing. I'm a whore. I'm a slut. Maybe it's all true. I deserve this. I don't deserve for anyone to care, much less Harry Styles. I feel empty, gone. Jace uses me and abuses me, and before I know it, he leaves me. This wasn't pleasureful, it was painful, and Jace used it for his own pleasure. It's like a moment out of "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. Harry and the boys sang that. Wrong thought. I lie on the floor and cry myself to sleep.

Liam's P.O.V

"Tyler, love, we should go help now. It's late," I whisper to the tired girl next to me. I kiss her and she smiles.

"I feel bad for everyone who doesn't get to wake up to a kiss from Liam Payne," she whispers, her voice rough with sleep.

We dress quicklky and meet the others in the living room, where Harry is crying softly on the sofa. What the fuck?

"What's going on? Did you guys hear something?" I ask.

"We found a witness," Louis explains, and I'm surprised to see his eyes shining. He really cares about her, too. But I don't think he cares about her in the same way as Harry. "One of our fans noticed Clara and recognized her from the concert. Clara was running and she ran into a man. She put up a fight, but he dragged her away and knocked her out somehow, Lucy--the fan--didn't see how."

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