13 - Unavoidable program and a picnic basket.

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"Was that really ok?" Jules asks as we walk back to my apartment. We came by foot instead of taking the car because I live close to Harry's shop.


"Making him mad like that. Isn't it common sense to try to get on the good side of a love interest?"

He does have a point. Usually, that is how things work. But Harry is not a woman I have to coax into being mine, but a man I have to convince to trust me enough to be my partner. "It is fine. By being mad he is not overly aware anymore and his defenses go down." Harry indeed became visibly more relaxed after his brief outburst.

"Wow, what are you planning, a courtship or an invasion?"

"Aren't they very alike?"

"Not really." Jules stares with concern.

I just laugh. The night is particularly pleasurable today. Warm breeze, the sky painted in nuances of yellow, orange and red, tired people returning to the comfort of their homes. In the last few days, I have decided to reduce my work schedule and have more time for myself. There is no further need to accumulate a large amount of money and buy a house since the person I had promised it to is no longer by my side. And I finally don't care anymore.

"So, Saturday, are you coming too? It is a good chance to spend time with him outside of the café." Jules asks in a teasing tone.

"Of course I am going." I retort blandly. Don't get ahead of yourself little brother. You are ten years too early to make me embarrassed with this level of provocation.

I won't deny that his request to Harry got me by surprise. Taking Jules there was a measure to get close again without Harry freaking out. A third person would disrupt his pace and make him too confused to avoid me. But Jules went leaps ahead creating not just Saturday's opportunity but even getting his telephone number so we could plan the meeting.

"Ahh, Harry looks so dazzling through the lens. He is not just beautiful but also has a strong sensual aura. I am sure I can take amazing photos." Says my airhead little brother. If before I was ready to give him a hug now I could easily commit fratricide. "Hey, you don't need to make that jealous face. I am not going to try and steal him. My interest is purely artistic."

Despite my good judgment I do feel some relief hearing it. Harry is not my lover yet. - Though I don't plan on giving up - and he is still the one that will decide who to keep by his side from now on. Competition is never reassuring.

"Are you going to pick him up to go to the studio? It is close to the campus but not inside of it." Comments Jules as if nothing else was going on. Maybe to him there really was nothing else.

"Did the administration not provide a space for training?" I ask. Why put the studio outside of the campus?

"They did, but it is small and cramped. We can't do anything decent there. So the students from last year decided to get this cheap place from some relative and we have been keeping it since then. I will send you the address."

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