Chapter 1:

Skyler pov.

" Parker!!! I asked you something! Answer me!" My annoying teacher yelled at me, AGAIN.

Why can't she call me Skyler? That woman is crazy! Can't she see that I was texting? And I tell you, If I'm texting' I don't hear a word you say.

"I don't know the answer... It isn't important, right??" I asked her.

"nothing is important when I ask you someting!" "Well, that's because your lessons are boring...".

"what did you just say??" "I said your lessons are boring" She looked at me like she was gon' to blow up.


There it goes again, my favorite word...


I stood up and walked out of class, finally the day's over.

I saw my best friend waiting for me.



"detention? Again?"


We walked out of school and we we're waiting for the bus.

I know, probably me and Yasmine we're the only 17 years old's

who don't have a car.

But I don't need a car,

boys are always beggin' me to give me a ride home.

And I don't mind! I am the type of girl everyone's falling for.

I have long brown hair, hazel eyes

And I have the body every girl's begging for.

Yasmine isn't bad either:

she has blond curly waves and crystal blue eyes,

She is also skinny. I think she's perfect!

We are the popular girls in school,

I have the title as player on my body and Yasmine is the best cheerleader ever.

"I got tickets!" she yelled at me.

"Tickets?"I asked

"yes! For a Justin Bieber concert!"

Oh yeah, there's one bad thing about her, she likes The beaver kid...

"And you're thinking that I'm coming with you?"




Hi everyone!! this is my first story! I hope you like it!!

(Im sorry if there are spelling mistakes: I don't speak English)

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