Together Forever~Robstar~

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♥♥Starfire's point of View♥♥

So me and Dylan had a wonderful day! We went to the park for a walk then we went to the movies. After that, we went to the carnival and rode the ferris of wheel which made me remember of me and Robin. I miss him and those days ,but he probably doesn't! Dylan saw me sight and frown .

"What's wrong beautiful? " he asked frowning too and looking at me.

"Nothing is the wrong boyfriend Dylan" I said with fake smile as I looked at his blue eyes.

He just looked down and then back up to my eyes with a frown and then said "You know.... it hurts me that you don't trust me enough to tell me your problems.."

I felt bad but I could not tell him I miss Robin,  but I guess he won't mind. He might get jealous but I bet not very mad... he seems like a very nice guy so I faced him and then told him.....

♥♥Dylan's point of View♥♥

Starfire looked at me and then said she once came here with Robin and that she misses him...I felt mad that all that work for nothing. I had to come up with a plan..a plan that would make her forget about Robin and then I got an idea!!

"Hey star.. want to go see something so amazing? " I said with a fake smile.

"oh..yes what is the amazing thing you want to show me!?" she said smiling and in a excited voice.

"It's a surprised. You have to wait till we get there" I said putting my hands in her eyes so she won't see and guiding her to our destination.

"Are we there yet?"

"um.... we are" I grabbed a stick and let her see the beautiful house.

"'s a beautiful house..may I ask who lives here? "

"me and you"

"huh?" she was about to turn around but I hit her with the stick making her fall to the ground.

I took her inside put her in a bed and waited until she woke up.

♥♥Raven's point of View¡♥♥

I was meditating then Beastboy came in the room. He started to stare at me.I felt a little uncomfortable so I finally said something.

"Do you mind!?" I said opening one eye.

"Sorry it's just that you look so beautiful today" i started to blush and hug Beastboy tight.

"Thanks Beastboy.. I'm glad that I'm with you!"

"Me too Rea-Rea and I'm also glad your not with another man" Beastboy kissed my cheek.

At that moment, I saw Robin coming in so I pushed Beastboy away. He came bursting in and saying "where is starfire its already 10:26 pm!!?"

"Dude relax starfire and Dylan are probably having a Very good time together" said Beastboy winking.

I hit him in his arm and looked at him with my angry face that can burst into flames.

"huh? oh. sorry Robin I was just kidding"

"'s not funny Beastboy! Now we have to go look for starfire.. Dylan might not be as he says he is. We never know!"

"What!? did I hear right about you wanting US to go looking for starfire at NIGHT when she is probably ALRIGHT! ?" said cyborg entering the room.

"Yes now team split up and search for starfire!!" Said Robin exiting the room along with us as well......


Me:Hey people we have cyborg and Beastboy! !:D

Beastboy: what's up!?

Cyborg: Hey Ya'll

me: heyy and Beastboy nothing but the ceiling baby ! ;)

Beastboy: nice

Cyborg: so what's going on?

me: Just chilling with some dudes!

Beastboy: dude that's so cool!

Cyborg: You play video games?

me: hell yeah!!

Beastboy: which type if video games?

me: Grand thief auto baby! love the game!!!

Cyborg: us too!!

me:awesome maybe we should go play right now!


Beastboy: Yeah!

me:okay sorry bye we going to play Grant Thief Auto 4 and 5 see you all next time!!:)

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