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Katniss..... I'm Pregnant! Fan-Fiction

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Chapter One 

Katniss POV

It has been a year since we beat the Capitol and the Rebellion won. It was only six months ago that I  declared to Peeta that I love him and that he is the only person I want to be with for the rest of my life. I've decided that I no longer want to live in my house in the victors village alone so Peeta has suggested that to make nights a lot easier for both of us he has moved in with me and for the past six monthsi have had more sleep then what I had over the last two years.

It's just like in the Hunger Games but nothing can hurt us now but our dreams. The last nightmare that I had was two weeks ago but as soon as i woke up Peeta's arms had me in a strong but safe embrace. He whispers to me,"I take it you had a nightmare!" He looked at me with those soft blue eyes.

This time it was me to relpy with somthing I used to think "urg" to but now I just don't want it to ever happen," I had a dream that I never made it to you in the Hunger Games and Cato ended up getting you! Promise me you will never leave me?"

"I Peeta Mallark promise to saty by your side forever and Always!"

That's when I know Peeta will always be with me from that day I was on sleep syrup to the time when he was on tracker venom that one word he said that stuck with me ALWAYS! The very day after that we were walking around in the woods when he stopped me all of a sudden. He looked nervous. Then at that moment he bent down on one knee and said,"Katniss Everdeen I will love you forever and always! Will You Marry Me?"

I did not hesitate and i replied suddenly like it was a dream," YES!"

We have'nt told anyone yet we just want to savour that moment for longer. So for the rest of the day me and Peeta just sat beside the lake locked in an embrace not even a hurracain could break.

For the first time since Peeta proposed (which was a week ago) I  decided it was about time I went hunting. See me and Peeta have decided that i am useless at baking and he is useless at hunting so we are both just stick to what we both do best.

I went to the lake out in the woods. This is where i feel more close to my dad. Ever since that mining    accident that happened a few years ago this is the only place where i feel close to him is here. If he hadn't of taught me how to swim then i would of been dead in the Quarter Quell. When i get to the lake i already have three rabbits and two fat squirells. It's a nice day today so i just sit by the lake listening to the sound of nature.

But then i hear a snap of a twig by reflex only i grab my bow and arrow and aim in the direction it came from. Then he came out saying," Don't shoot Catnip!"

I have'nt heard that voice in a year and i don't want to talk to him after he knew that those pakages from the capital to the capital children were actually from the rebells and he went along with it. That caused my sisters death. Prim. She would still want me to be friends with him but i will never forgive hime for that day!

I start running back home but Gale is quicker then me and he grabs my arm. "Please, Catnip let me explain?"

" No Gale i will never frogive you! And anyway why are you here? You are meant to be in district 2!"

"Catnip just trust me for a minute? I have just got to say that I... I love you!"

That was when he bent down and kissed me. But I loved Peeta, I no longer trust gale anymore. Thats when i slapped him but i that moment i was being sick very badly so bad that i fainted.

Peeta's POV

Katniss is taking ages in the woods today usually she is home with meat and then curled up in front of the fire. It was almost dark when someone came in ," Katniss, honey is that you? I've made those cheese buns you like! Katniss?"

Thats when he walked in. Gale. But Katniss was unconcious.

That's when i flared up, " what have you done to her?"

"nothing i came back to see Catnip but when i kissed her she started being sick and then she fainted! Anyway what are you doing here?"

"Me and Katniss live together since I am her Fiance!"

Thats when he Exploded, "YOU HER WHAT?"

Katniss POV

I jolted back to reality i heard gale shout and then i heard Peeta telling him to give me to him but Gales arms just help on to me.

"Put me down Gale! NOW"

As soon as he put me down i started to feel sick again, I only just made it to the sink before i was more violently sick. Peeta had hold of my hair soothing me with calm words and rubbing my back. Gale just stood there watching us.

Thats when he spoke up "Can Someone please tell me what is happening?"

Thats when i remembered my last period was 2 months ago. I can't be PREGNANT!

This time when i did faint it was Peeta who Catched me.

 When i woke it was dark outside. Thankgod it was just a dream, but when i turn over i see peeta looking at me. "Hey Peeta, whats for tea?"

"To be honest Katniss i have no idea what is fro tes because i have been upstairs watching you just in case you decided to wake up again and faint!"

"FAINT! so this is'nt a bad dream then?"


"Peeta I have to tell you something i don't wheather it is definate but i will go to the doctors tommorow!"

"Katniss you are scareing me what is it?"

"i.. i..i think i am .... Preganant!"

I look at his face waiting for him to leave me but all i get is a massive smile from him!

"What why are you looking at me like that?"

"well katniss it is just that i am soo happy i've always wanted kids but i just did'nt want to say! I am so proud of you Katniss! I love You, Always!"

"I love you to!"


"Gail what are you doing here is me slapping you not enough!"

"Well how can i leave you when you are engaged, preganant and i kissed you!"

That has just done it. That has brought back bad memories of Peetas so he has to go to the spare room to handcuff himself then i remember the key is in there.

As quick as i can i run into the spare room just as Peeta is putting on the handcuffs.

"Thanks Katniss!"

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