LEVEL 1• About the Long Exam 📝

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Hello co-students!

Are you excited for taking the long exam? Or still studying?

Well, if you want to proceed on taking the long exam be sure that you are ready. This will test you if you really learned those lessons.

So here's the condition,

TOP 10 students will going to received some of my resources plus free book cover.

The coverage are LESSONS 1-25. First send first check basis.

• Done studying lessons 1-25
• Download Korean keyboard on your mobile phone
• Good internet connection
*I might be using google form or any online quiz.

The long exam will be posted on August 25, 2017. So please always be updated. Add this to your library and also follow me if you want.

Comment this if you're willing to take the exam.

I'm from (place you lived) and I'm willing to take this exam.


I'm from Philippines and I'm willing to take this exam.

For more questions kindly comment here with the hashtag #Question. Failed to put hashtag won't acknowledge. Thank you!

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