LEVEL 1• LESSON 22- 하다 Verbs

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In lesson #16, we learned how to make the dictionary form of a verb into the present tense ( 현재 시제: hyeon-je si-je) and in lesson #17, we learned how to make the past tense (과거 시 제: gwa-geo si-je).

And we also learned that the verb 하다 [hada] has a very unique way of be- ing conjugated.

하다 [ha-da] = to do
Dicationary from = 하다
Present tense = 하 + 여요 = 해요 [hae-yo]
Past tense = 하 + 였어요 = 했어요

We also mentioned that the verb 하다 is a very powerful and useful word. That is because in Korean there are a lot of verbs that are made by combining a noun with 하다.

Many of the Korean nouns that indicate or describe some action or behavior can be combined with 하다. And they become verbs.


1. 공부 = studying / 공부하다 = to study

2. 일 = work, job / 일하다 = to work

3. 기억 = memory / 기억하다 = to remember

4. 청소 = cleaning / 청소하다 = to clean

5. 요리 = cooking, dish / 요리하다 = to cook

6. 이사 = moving / 이사하다 = to move, to move into a different house

7. 노래 = song / 노래하다 = to sing

8. 노력 = effort / 노력하다 = to make an effort, to try hard

9. 동의 = agreement, agreeing / 동의하다 = to agree

10. 인정 = admitting, acknowledgement / 인정하다 = to admit

11. 후회 = regret / 후회하다 = to regret

12. 운동 = exercise / 운동하다 = to exercise, to work out

13. 사랑 = love / 사랑하다 = to love

14. 말 = words, language / 말하다 = to speak

15. 생각 = thought, idea / 생각하다 = to think

Making negative sentences with 하다 verbs

In order to make negative sentences using these 하다 verbs (check out Lesson #21 for informa- tion on how to make negative sentences in Korean) you need to separate the noun part and the 하다 part again and add 안 inbetween.

생각하다 --> 생각 안 하다 노력하다 --> 노력 안 하다

And if you remember from Lesson #16, there are two ways to make negative sentences in Ko- rean: adding 안 before the verb and using the verb ending 지 않다. If you want to use 지 않다 with 하다 verbs, you simply conjugate 하다 [ha-da] to 하지 않다 [ha-ji an-ta].


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