Chapter Four Zane POV 


"DON'T DRINK." I yelled a little too late once i saw her with the bottle of blood. 

"Why? It tastes good." She said. We all looked at her shocked and surprise. 

"What? Don't you guys like it?" She asked. Her skin turned pale like our. Her eyes changed to amber and looked deadly.  

We shock our head, we were shocked. Well, except Casey. Maybe she is a vampire. I didn't think she is because her eyes weren't amber before. Amber eyes with brown cornea for vampires who don't kill while drinking blood. Amber eyes with black cornea are for those who drain their victim. Vampires don't have any other eye colour.

She finished the whole bottle. 

"Do you guys know what this is?" She asked gesturing to the bottle. "It's good." We shouldn't tell her just yet. It seem like she doesn't even know she's a vampire. No wait, she can't be a vampire. She was human just a minute ago.  

"No," I answered. I hoped none of them answers her. 

"But you guys have drank this before." She protested. 

"It never has a labelled." 

"Imagine if this was blood with sugar and we wouldn't even know." She joked. She obviously didn't know how right she was. Except there was no sugar added. All of us stared at her blankly. I think she was getting uncomfortable.

"So what class have you got next?" I changed the subject for her sake. 

"Um, Combat Training." Did the adults know she was a vampire. No humans get Combat Training.  

"Same." Nearly half of us said in unison. 

"I wasn't expecting 'Combat Training' to be a lesson." Humans in Harper Academy didn't have 'Combat fighting'. They had normal high school classes. The only class vampire and humans had together was Maths. The bell rang signaling the end of recess.

"Are you sure she's human?" Salina asked. "We should tell the council." 

"I honestly don't know." I reply 

"Did you notice her eyes?" 


"It turn from green to amber. Honesty what is she?" 

"Ask Casey. She'll know." 

"She never tells us anything unless its really important. And I bet she thinks this isn't important." 

"Ask anyway. I'm going to talk to my parents." 

"We'll sort it out later. Let get to class."

We got to class just before Ms Rossi & Ms Larson enter the gym. The room was old and large, with all our Combat Training class in here you can imagine how bad the room would look. There were black patches around the wall, the colour of the wall in the room were pealing, the ground weren't exactly even. Those were mainly cause by fire, water and earth users. Air user didn't leave any mark in the room.

Ms Larson called the roll. When Ms Larson called Avery, Ms Rossi said a couple of welcoming words to her. Ms Rossi and Ms Larson exchange a couple of words before starting class.

"Pair up." Ms Larson began. "You and you." she pointed at random people, pairing them up. She pointed at me and...........Avery. I looked at her. She looked worried.  

"Chill. I'm not going to kill you. Jeez." I said to Avery. 

"That wasn't what you were implying yesterday." She said almost bitterly. Ouch! That hurt. Badly. Something in me felt torn. We seem like we were on good terms at lunch. I didn't show my emotion though. If there was a class on emotion controlling, I would ace that class. People around us were already going to their partners.

"Okay, Avery in this class we learn to control our ability. I control air." Ms Rossi said. Avery looked puzzled. Suddenly there was a breeze which cause the hair of students around us to blow. Avery's looked of puzzle turn into shocked. 

"How. .how did you do that?" Avery sputtered.  

"That what this class is for." Ms Larson said, joining us. "I specialise in fire." A fire ball appeared above her hand. Avery now looked really interested.

This is wrong showing a human our ability. Well she wasn't human I didn't know what she was. She should be fainting, screaming, shocked, running away, unbelieving but not normal. I mean sure we weren't telling her the really scary part about us being vampire but a normal person reaction would be to do those things.

"What do you specialise in Avery?" Ms Rossi asked.  

"Err..I don't know." Avery answered. "I don't think I specialise in anything." 

"Nonsense. You must." Ms Rossi said before Ms Larson interrupted. 

"I think she really doesn't know what she specialise in." Ms Larson said. "But I think she can radiate energy from people." 

"What element is that?" I asked. I really couldn't figure out that one. None of the element users can do that. 

"I'm not sure, Zane." Ms Larson said. "What did your other Combat Training teacher say about you not specialising?" 

"She went to a human school." I answered before she could. I hope Ms Rossi and Ms Larson understood that she doesn't know anything about us. 

"Oh." They both said in unison. I guess they understood.  

"Well um there are stick in the storage room. Go practise with the sticks then." Ms Rossi said.

I went to the storage room across the room. I could hear Avery's footstep following me. The storage room was neatly organise with labels of where each weapons were. Every weapon were metal, no wood. Wood made us bleed. Guess what happen to us when wood goes through our heart if wood can make us bleed. That's right we die. Actually die. Meaning no coming back. Sad isn't it. You would expect a vampire to live for eternity and never die. Well not us, the realistic vampire. We don't die like how humans die - born vampires stop aging when ever we want, made vampire stop aging after about two years when they awaken as one of us which mean we don't die of old age. We don't die from human disease either.

I grab two sticks from the corner and handed one to Avery.  

"Have you ever fought with a stick before?" 

"If you count video game, then yeah." She replied and laughed softly. That laugh. It was nice and laughing at herself laugh. It made me felt all warm and fuzzy. I think someone is using compulsion on me, I've gone all soft. Yeah, that's it. That why I feel all weird. 

"That mean you've got a weak mind." A voice in my head said. Vampires couldn't use compulsion on each other unless the other vampire had a really weak mind like my inner voice said I do.  

"Do not." I replied. 

"Do too." My inner voice argued. 

"Do not." 

"Do too." We kept arguing which was kind of childish but I didn't care.

"Zane. Zane." A voice said, snapping me out of my argument with my inner voice. "Earth to Zane. Hello." A hand suddenly shot in front of my face and was waving up and down.  

"Huh?" I sounded like an idiot.  

"You spaced out huh." Avery stated. I nodded like a dog which was kind stupid of me really. She pinched both my cheeks. I was surprised. Suddenly I felt energy and strength flow out of me. Ms Larson was right about the energy flowing thing. Then she quickly let go looking embarrassed like she just realised what she just did. In fact I was sure that why she was embarrassed. The flowing of energy stopped. She mumbled an apology. She looked so cute like a little girl caught doing something really bad when she was embarrassed. That soft and fragile side of me took over again. That's what I called it whenever I though something like that about Avery. It was silly really and so not like me.

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