Part 4- MyStreet meet The Few

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Still freaking Aph's P.O.V

''APHMAU WHO IS THE PERSON THAT KISSED YOU!?!?'' All the Mystreet boys asked ''Mystreet meet my friends, the Few'' I said ''like the superheroes Sly ,Alex ,Steven ,Pbat, Castor, Kala, and Jess?'' Emmalyn asked ''yes'' Alex said ''EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! If only I can meet her!'' Emmalyn exclaimed ''who is her'' Sly asked ''well Jess duh(who else would it be Sly?)'' Emmalyn said ''you're right in front of her you know'' Steven said ''who!?!?'' Emmalyn asked about to explode ''I'm right here ya know'' I said crossing my arms ''YOU'RE JESSICA!?!?'' Emmalyn asked ''yeh'' I said like I saw nothing ''SO YOU WERE LYING TO US!?!?'' Katelyn asked super mad (like really really really mad) '' yeah so?'' I asked ''APHMAU YOU STILL DIDN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION WHO DID YOU KISS!?!?'' Laurance shouted '' my husband...'' I said kid of terrified ''WHAT!?!?''all the guys in Mystreet shouted ''SHUT UP!!! MY F*CKING EARS HURT'' Alex shouted


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