Pete x reader ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling ~

~Pete's POV~



1. 1.

a person who conforms to accepted behaviour or established practices.

"organizations where employees are loyal without being unthinking conformists"


conventionalist, , orthodox person, , , (old) fogey, , , , ; More



1. 1.

conforming to accepted behaviour or established practices; conventional.

"the poet became more conformist in his later years"

IM IN LOVE WITH A CONFORMIST!! How could this have happened!! I'm goth!! How could love her beautiful soft hair and stunning (e/c) eyes... NO!!... Fine I'm in love with a conformist...

Today I walking to school, when I saw her... she looked so beautiful with her (h/c) (h/l) hair swaying with the wind, I realised I was staring at her and she looked at me, I quickly looked away and blushed.

I quickly made my way to the back of the school "Hey Pete, are you still in love with that conformist?" Michael said in front of everyone, I blushed like a mad man.

"Shut up!!" I yelled, Michael looked at him and sigh

"I'm sorry Pete but... you can't love a conformist" he said

"I'm sorry that I have these feelings but I do" I said storming off.

I walked to class for the first time in a while, I didn't want to be with my friends at the moment, now I can look at (Y/n) in peace. I sat behind her, she looked over her shoulder and looked at me, she blushed and I did too.

For the rest of class, I was started at her shiny hair. My train of thought was interrupted by the bell, I got out of class "Hey Pete!" I heard a voice say, I look in the direction and it was (y/n) ... I blush.

"H-hey (y-y/n)" I said embarrassed because of my stuttering

She giggled "Did you know you're really cute when you blush and stutter.

"R-really?" She nodded and giggled again

"Anyway after you want to go to the park?" She said blushing

"y-yeah I love to" I said

"ok cool, I'll meet to at the park, at 4" she said and I nodded, she walked off and waved.


It was the end of school and I was really nervous, I was slowly walking to the park as I was entering, (y/n) was sitting on the bench. I quickly approached her, "Hey"

"H-hey" I said

"So what do you want to do?" She said

"Ummm...w-we could sit on the swings"

"Sure!" She ran to sit on the swings and I walked behind her, she sat on the swing and I sat on the swing beside her.

We were talking for so long that we didn't know what time it was, I never want this moment to end. (Y/n) looked at her phone and saw the time, "Shoot I have to go, it's my bed time soon but I had an awesome time" she said kissing my cheek, I froze and stared at her.

She started walking away, then without thinking I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, I grabbed her waist and gently kissed her. I felt her kiss back, it was a magical moment, I let go and realised what just happened.

"S-so sorry (y/n) I wasn't thinking a-..." I was cut off by her lips on mine, i enjoy the moment while it lasted.

"Pete I like you too" I blushed and kissed her again

"(y/n) even though you're a conformist... will you be my girlfriend?" I said, "of course" she said giggling.

My friends are going to kill me... l don't care I have the best girlfriend ever.

~soz if it sucked~


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