;chapter twelve

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a/n: damn look at this hottie👅😩

recap: joey & ally have been home from tour for 2 days now & are hanging out ofc. they're going pennyboarding.

Giselle's pov
after they left, Sophie & I went back over to the couch & sat down again.

"who was she?" I didn't like her. especially how her & Joey were hanging out. i think i had seen her in a couple of his snaps on his story but idk.

"oh that's Joey's girlfriend."-S. how could Joey like her?! she's not even pretty & her accent is so weird.

"do you like her? like are you guys friends?" "yeah she's awesome & she's so nice."-S. "oh ok cool." totally not cool.

"don't you think she's pretty too?" Sophie asked but you could tell she already knew the answer like it was a rhetorical question. but she was wrong. "oh yeah totally." I lied. "Ikr she's honestly so pretty! no wonder Joey likes her." she said going back on her phone. "yeah." um no! she's none of the things Sophie said. besides, Joey should like me, not her. I've known him for longer. probably.

Joey's pov
"so that's Sophie's friend right?"-A. "yeah. I think she likes me cause sophie says she always talks about me & it's annoying." "well good thing you think she's annoying cause I wouldn't want her stealing you from me."-A. "that's not possible." I said & kissed her of the cheek.

we rode down to the pier & just simply rode around once we got there. then we got ice cream. after, we rode back home & went to my room to watch a movie.

"I'm gonna change ok?" she asked going through my closet probably looking for a sweatshirt or something. she was going into the bathroom but I pulled her arm back.

"you know you can change out here. I don't mind." "of course you don't." she laughed then went into the bathroom.

I picked out a scary movie so that she would cuddle up to me when she got scared. she came back out in only one of my shirts that was way too big on her but it was so fucking hot.

(a/n: she was wearing underwear) "damn that ass tho

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(a/n: she was wearing underwear) "damn that ass tho." I said & smacked her butt. "oh shut up."-A. "not my fault you have a bubble butt." "hey!" she said sitting on my lap.

"don't worry its not a bad thing. it's fuckin hot as hell." she smiled then kissed me.

after our little make out session, we laid down & watched the movie "the conjuring" & at every creepy part, she would squeeze my hand & put her head in the crook of my neck.

later at like 2am, we shut it off & went to sleep.


sorry this is really short but i'm sick for like the 3rd time in 6 weeks😒

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