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**This book will contain instances of self harm, rape, domestic abuse, physical abuse, foul language, and death. If you see (****) at the beginning of ANY chapter, that is your warning. If you don't like to see those things, then you do not need to be reading this type of story. Complaints will be deleted. I WILL NOT censor, or make "clean and or private" chapters. Like I have said in the past; it is a very unfortunate circumstance that some of us women and men alike have faced, me included.**

The MC... Either you're born into it, or you join one. Either way, you dedicate your life to it.

Chaotic Shadows was created by Mason Howard, AKA, Bones. The reason he had his roadname as such? He was a bone breaker. That was his method of torture. His wife, Snapps, a red-head who had a wicked temper, even the slightest wrong glance towards her, she snapped.

I'm Kelsea, daughter of Bones and Snapps. My road name is Princess, seeing as I'm MC royalty. Anyone who was born of the President or Vice President was considered MC royalty. They were untouchable. As I was Bones only daughter and child, I was sheltered by the club.

But things aren't always as easy as they seem. Or great.

The MC life can get bloody and emotional...

Very bloody... Very unexpected... and very, very brutal.

I wasn't expecting my life to end up the way it did...

But as they say, there's always light at the end of the tunnel...

Or is there?

Chaotic Shadows and the 300 MC (Book One and Two) *ON HOLD/SLOW UPDATES*Where stories live. Discover now