The loud bang of the door startled me awake, and I fell off the bed, ruining my perfect dream of heading to second base with Ryan Reynolds.

"Skylar!!!! Get up babe! You gotta get to school! Hurry up so I'm not late too to school!", Jason, my boyfriend of 3 months yelled through the door.

He was the ideal guy, 17 years old, hot, popular, and sweet. And here I am , Mrs. Skylar Phillips, the average 14 years old, luck enough to score THE Jason Brooks, the hottest guy at Monacan High School.

Now, I know what you're thinking, why in the hell is a 14 year old going out with a 17 year old. He should be paired with the ideal high school sweetie, or slut, which ever you prefer. I have no idea why either. All I know is that I was dancing my heart out at my mum's dancing studio, and his cousin decided to take lessons, he came, and we hit it off. My mum and dad didn't approve, but I don't care. Considering how ugly I am, I'm lucky for a guy like him to have any type of interest in me. But I'm not sure that I'm in love with him just yet.

I immediatly opened my door, only to be greeted by my wonderful boyfriend.

"Hey babe, happy three month averisery! Get dressed, I'm taking you too Starbuck's before you go to school. Now remember, I don't get off of work until 5:00, but as soon I'm off, I'm gonna be comin' straight here, so be ready by then.", he said before I can get a word in, and then he kissed me softly on the lips.

With a curt nod, I hurried in my room and took a quick shower, softly humming to the tune of Bionic, by Christina Aguilera, my current favorite song. My mum's always said I have an amazing voice, and that I should sing more, but I've never sang in front of Jason since that day.


I had just finshed washing my hands, and was very excited to get back to Jason and all of his friends, since they were older and always knew what was in and whats out, I knew I had to do a lot of tongue kissing to be accepted into their group, I mean come on, we have only been dating for two weeks, who knows what they think of me. This my time to make a great first impression.                        

"Why do you let her sing in the car like that, Jason baby. You know she sings like a banchee!" I heard the squeaky voice of Jessica say to Jason, while her little clones laugh along.

"Yeah, Jay, you need to f*cking break up with her. She obviously not satisfying your needs, your MANLY needs. If you break up with her, then you can f*ck jessica. Well, without the guit anyway, since your doing it anyway." They laugh again.

"You know I can't do that, guys," Jason says, and I pray to God that he says its because he loves m-   "because I have to get in good with her mom and dad. If I do that, then I can get everything I've been born to do." he says with a sigh, and I can just imagine him running his hands through his hair.

I didn't give him the chance to eleborate, because I walked in the room like I owned the place, and I sat striaght on his lap, and kissed just below his ear, on his soft spot, and I made sure to wiggle a little, so he could "excited".  I was proven victorious when I felt the prominent bulge stick right up my ladyhood, even through his tight jeans. They weren't worth my tears. They may have ruined my birthday, but I wouldn't let it show.


I hvaen't said anything to him, and I don't plan on doing so either. I'm gonna plan on letting him have a little fun tonight, but not too far. I didn't want too seem desperate. I just wanted to give hima little taste of what happens when he stays with me. But one thing that has been on my mind was why he wanted to "get in good" with my parents.

I jumped out of the shower, got dressed and did my hair. I only did eye make-up because my mum had amazing skin, and I inherited it. When I was ready, I walked in the living room to see Jason sprawled on the couch like he owned the place, and he was furiously typing away on his phone. When he saw me enter the room, he quickly put it away in his pocket, and ushered me out of the door, but he didn't look me in the eye. Hmm, maybe I'll suddlely check up on him with his mum. But for now, off to school for me.



"Jason! Open up! It's me Skylar!"

Now it was my turn to be banging him on his bedroom door. I called his mum right after school and she said that he didn't go to school, so I wanted to drop by and see him before I got ready. As soon as I knocked though, I heard the curse of my startled boyfriend, and a thump, as if someone fell off the bed, followed by another curse, oddly familar too Jessica; the slut that Jason goes to school with.

No, no, no, no!

This can't be happening. But, as I opened the door, I was met by a naked Jason, picking up a very naked Jessica. I felt the tears come before the pain, but they both hit me like a truck. 

"I hate you!" I screamed in Jason's face, right before I slapped him with more power than I thought I had, hard enough to leave a red mark on his left cheek.

"Get out Jessica" he said so low, it almost sounded as if their was a demon possesing him. When he finally turned around, I could've sworn I saw his eyes change from their normal blue, to a dark red, exactly like what happens to the Alpha's in Teen Wolf. Weird.

As I was trying to figure out his obvious eye problem, he took my wrists in his hands so hard, I instantly knew they were going to bruise. He slapped me 10x harder then I slapped him, and I fell onto the floor, clutching my cheek in my hands, and feeling my split lip. I was feeling a little dizzy.


The last thing I remember was Jason ripping off my clothes, and slamming into me murderiously, so hard that I slipped out of consicous.


So how was it? I'm always open to constructive critisicm.

Until next time, where Nash and Skylar meet!

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