When I  finally arrived back at Captain Hook's ship, he and his crew were in uproars of joy in their victory while they tossed around gold coins and filled their jeweled grails with rum. As I watched them carry on in their blissful unaccomplished joy, I felt a small struggling and pinching in my hand. I had almost forgotten that I had Tinker Bell in my hand. I started to walk through the crowd of pirated laughing and singing, and when I moved into an open space my eyes settled on the cheerful, and arrogant Captain Hook. He was laughing, took in a swig of rum, and then settled his eyes on me.

            He smiled at me and motioned for me to come up by the wheel. "All this was possible with the help of this young girl," he said as I made my way up the short flight of wooden stairs. As soon as he spoke, his crew grew quiet and ready to listen. I was surprised that a spineless idiot like him had such an authority, he could easily be overthrown, half these men could break Hook.

            "Captain?!" one of his hefty crew members called for him and the attention turned to him. "Why this girl?"

            "This girl!" Hook prolonged as he rolled his tongue. "Is powerful and fearless.

            "Yeah about as fearless and powerful as a flea," I heard another crew member mutter. I scowled and used the power of darkness with my mind to send him flying off the ship in water."

            "Ha ha ha," Hook chuckled. "I suggest you all don't trifle with her. Now, because of her aid  we will help aid Xemnas and organization XIII in whatever way we can toward Kingdom Hearts. I don't want to hear any wining or complaining or you'll walk  the plank!"

            Once again I felt the struggling Tinker Bell in my hand, so I tapped Captain Hook on the shoulder and gestured for him to follow me down to his office. He followed without question. When we reached his office, he went to stand by his desk and placed a hand on his hip.

            "So what is it that you need to discuss?" he asked.

            "I forgot that you need this..." I worked in my fingers to take a tight hold of her wing as I held her up by the fingertips, showing Hook the glamorous and stubborn Tinker Bell.

            "Ah Yes!" he said happily. He took her quickly and placed her in a burnt out lantern and tapped its glass. "I will make very good use of you."

            "Alright, so Im done here, right?"

            "Actually, I have received something from Xemnas, apparently there is heart of pure light that you need to capture."

            "Who is that?"

            "There is a girl, a young girl that came here once...Peter Pan was quite infatuated with her as was she."


            "But Xemnas said after you do that I can do whatever I want with her empty body. It may come in handy if for some reason Peter Pan comes to his senses. What did you do with him?"

            "Let's just say he has lost his sense of imagination and adventure."


            "So where do I find this girl in Neverland?"

            "She is not in Neverland...."

            I squinted my eyes and crossed my arms, annoyed. "Then where is she?"

            "She is in a place called London...Peter traveled there by flying and brought her and her brothers...perhaps Tinker Bell can be of use here," He looked at her and smiled and tapped the glass. She stuck out her tongue and started beating on the glass with her tiny fists.

            "No...I can find her with no problem..."

            "Ah yes...you and your special powers.."

            "Have a problem with that?"

            "N-No..." he said shakily as he put his hands up in defense. "i just haven't seen anything like it in a while."

            "A while?"

            "Yes...the last time I saw such sorcery as that, is when a boy named Riku  was here in my aid and aid to Maleficent."

            Maleficent? He was aiding Maleficent as well.... "So you know Riku too? Why am I not surprised..."

            "Oh my dear, everyone knows of the famous and infamous Riku. All for different reasons of course."

            I raised a brow at this information and I felt confused all over again. What was this guy's story? Who was he? Was he good? Bad? Or just a nutshell of crazy? I suppose that is just a mystery I would have to find out on my own.

            "Ok..." i sighed. "What is this girl's name?"

            "Wendy. Wendy Darling."

            "Alright...I'll be back soon..."

            "Yes..." Hook chuckled. "I could just imagine how that pesky Peter Pan would feel at seeing his Wendy in such a lifeless state. Yes! Hurry and bring me Peter Pan's precious, Wendy." I darted him with daggers, telling him not to order me around. He flinched. "On your own time of course."

            I then turned my back to Hook and closed my eyes to concentrate. I focused on the darkness inside me, my inner darkness, to communicate with it.

            "Darkness, "I whispered. I felt it moving around my hands and soon all over my entire body. The feeling grew stronger the more I focused. I could the darkness shimmering in my veins. "Take me to Wendy." The darkness obeyed my command and made me disappear in a puff of smoke, teleporting me to the young girl who was pure of heart. Wendy Darling.

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