Chapter 5

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Shit, what did I just do? I'm not even drunk. She hates me, why did I yell at her? Why did I even make out with ashley? I'm such an idiot I swear. I've never acted like this before. Ughh. "Sarah!!" I yelled as I chased her, I'm catching up to her since she's not as fast as me. She didn't respond and kept running. I wasn't letting her go. "Sarah wait!" I yelled. I finally caught up to her and hugged her from behind. It felt good, even though she tried to get away. I held her tight.


I heard Taylor yelling my name, but I didn't respond. My mascara was running, I was a mess. He started to catch up, he was too fast. He came up behind me and hugged me right from behind, I felt so warm and safe... Why? he's so confusing. "let go of me!" I shouted

"No." he stated firmly

"Yes, leave me alone."

"No, you love me. You don't want me to go, you need me." was it true? I don't know. But I always think about it. Before I could answer he spun me around and crashed his lips into mine, I wanted to pull away but he held me to tight, so I kissed back.. It felt right. His tongue begged for entrance, I granted it. We explored each other's mouth and it ended up being an intense make out session in someone's yard. I pulled away quickly.

"Why'd you do that?" Taylor asked, pouting.


"No reason"

"No, you just yelled at me and made out with some other girl and except me to be ok with it?"


"No, no uh. You know it was wrong."

"Look, sarah" he said seriously, and pulled me closer. "I think I'm falling for you but I didn't want to admit it, I-I I uhhh I tried to get over you but I couldn't. And you made me feel like no other girl has before... I I, uhh I think I like you sarah, do you like me?


What did he just say to me...? He likes me? is it a sick joke? if he's serious I don't know what to think. Really. Why is this vine famous, youtube famous boy picking me over the millions of prettier girls who are screaming his name? I'm not as pretty, in fact, I'm not pretty? and I'm not... In love with this boy or am i? I don't know what to think... Senior. Year. Your not what I think you are. You defiantly threw a curve ball. Maybe Taylor is more than that?


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cliffhanger...???? I don't know if she likes Taylor back::(((( what do you think??? She's on the spot :0

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