Your favourite moment together.

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1960.. 5, 5, 5.

Chris - Your favourite moment is when Chris bought you on stage. He sung City Lights to you then proposed, you says yes but also surprised him by telling him that you're pregnant.

Ricky - You were spending a weekend together at your grandparents cottage on their farm, hectares away from their house. You found your old motorbike and it was still in good condition so you rode it around, Ricky wanted to learn so you took him to a big open field, it was going great until Ricky fell off, he laid there next to the bike laughing his ass off until you got there then pulled you down with him.

Ghost - You were doing each others makeup and you stuffed up a bit of the eyeliner, Devin started tickling you until you were about to break, then pulled you in and kissed you. A few minutes later he pulled away and asked you to be his girlfriend.

Ryan - You both had smiles on your faces as you looked down at your newborn baby girl. You passed her to Ryan and he started to cry, he told her how he was going to protect her for the rest of her life and never let her down. You started to cry and watched as he kissed her head and told her he loves her.

Vinny - You put the guitar down and heard clapping at the door. Vinny walked in and sat beside you. He told you how beautiful your voice was and that you should sing more. You told him that you had your first gig that night and thanked him before leaving. That night, halfway through your performance you saw Vinny standing sidestage with a bunch of flowers and a bear that said 'I love you'

Balz - You held your daughters hand as you both ran down the hill. Balz was at the bottom holding your baby boy, halfway down the hill you looked up and saw Balz standing there with your baby, who was holding a little box. Balz told him to open it and proposed.

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