How he reacts to you self harming.

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A burning lust to touch the flame, over and over again.

Chris - Chris held you close as you were watching a movie on his bed. He trailed his fingers along your ribcage and your shirt rose, he looked and saw scars littered along your stomach. He held in the tears and held you tighter whispering how much he loves you.

Ricky - You were at the beach with Ricky, you were wearing a bikini but refused to remove his shirt. Ricky asked why you didn't want to, since it was only you two on the beach. You told him it doesn't matter and kissed his cheek, he went to quickly dive in since it was really hot out. You had fallen asleep on a towel by the time he came back and your shirt has risen, when Ricky got back he saw and you were woken by him pulling you into his arms, tears were streaming down his face and he kissed you.

Ryan - You were at Ryan's house learning how to play guitar. Ryan sat in front of you and set the guitar on your thigh. You tried to play but the sleeves of your hoodie were getting in the way so you rolled them up. Ryan gasped and stood up, he gently took the guitar away and held you while you both cried.

Balz - You smiled at Balz from across the classroom and continued your schoolwork. Two of the girls in the class walked past and yelled "Didn't you cut deep enough last night?" Balz instantly stood up and yelled at them about how you're beautiful and dopes the deserve to be treated like that, then he took you outside and you told him everything.

Ghost - Ghost kissed you hungrily and pushed you onto the bed. He smirked at you and started kissing your neck, he slowly made his way down your chest until he reached the waistband of your jeans. He pulled them down and you felt him stop. You were about to ask him what he was doing but then remembered your scars. You looked and saw Ghost staring at them, his eyes watered. "Why?" He showered and kissed them all individually.

Vinny - You screamed as Vinny threw you onto the couch and he tickled your sides. His hands went under your shirt so he was tickling at the skin. Your shirt rose and Vinny gasped. Your eyes widened and you tried to hide your scars but he wouldn't let you. He started telling you how much he loves you and then kissed you passionately.

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