Hunted // Fanfiction Prologue

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I've had this plot in my head for a few days now, so I decided to write a little prologue to see if it would be any good or not. If I do end up publishing a full story it won't be up until I finish 'Sick', if you haven't checked out that story or any of my others, they are on my profile. Also, my Instagram fan account is @ eternallymiw  . Also, one of my best friends motionlessxchild has a few awesome books that are definitely worth reading. Thanks!

- Horror Child x

Every time I think about his ocean blue eyes, it reminds me of the day he saved my life from the jaw of a monster. It's been four months since all hell broke lose, I lost loved ones, watched my boyfriend get his neck ripped out from one of the Devils minions. I threw my hatchet over my shoulder and moved the branch over. A tall building with a large brick fence surrounding it sat in the centre of the street, my home. I felt a hand on my shoulder and my first instinct was to bash whatever's skull into oblivion, until I heard his soft voice.

"They're coming, ride or die?" Devin smirked at me, the old motorbike he found on the side of the road was stood up behind him, the motor ran softly. I laced my fingers with him and we jogged to his bike, Devin climbed on and I followed, my arms wrapped around his stomach as we rode through the woods.

"Chris found someone, he was on his own trying to fight off seven biters. He was getting weaker, so he bought him back" Devin yelled over the bikes motor and steered the bike down the mountain.

"What's his name?" I asked when Devin pulled the bike to a stop outside the fence. Alice smiled at us from inside and pulled on the chain. The large iron fence moved and we went in.

"Richard, but he goes by Ricky"

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