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"Aish, these kids," I mumbled, waiting by the back door for them to finally get there. I had been waiting for about ten minutes already, and they all knew very well that I didn't like to be kept waiting.

"Junjun, why do you keep ignoring me?" Ara asked. I sighed, turning to face her. I had been with her for about a day and a half now, and of course she was getting on my nerves. She was extremely clingy, and I hated the clingy ones.

"Because you're too damn clingy. Back off, would you? Otherwise you're out of here," I said. She just nodded, crossing her arms and looking down. She backed away slightly, and I shook my head, looking back down the hallway.

Not even five minutes later, she spoke up again. "Please just talk to me. What are we even doing here? Shouldn't we be in class? Or being more... Intimate?" She asked. I sighed again, closing my eyes to calm down slightly before looking at her.

"You know, I think you need to go. This whole.... Relationship thing isn't really going to work out after all," I said. Her eyes widened, but she nodded sadly, slowly making her way down the hallway and away From me. I smiled in relief, glad I had managed to get rid of her. She was too annoying for me, and wanted too much. I wasn't clingy. I wasn't intimate. I was a Playboy.

I waited for a little while longer, my impatience growing with every minute that passed by. They were supposed to have met me already, but of course I should've known better. The only one who was usually on time was Yifan, but something mist have happened for him to be late.

Finally, a blur of silver, black, brown, and rainbow whipped around the corner, hurling towards me. I just stood there, arms crossed. All five of them stopped dead in front of me. Chanyeol, Jongdae, Jongin, and Sehun all bent down, panting heavily. Yifan, however, came in after them,his chest heaving in what seemed like anger.

"What the hell did you four do now?" I asked. Normally, Yifan was always calm and Composed. No matter what the four idiots did, he always stayed calm. So they must've dome something extremely stupid for him to chase them down the hallway.

"We told him he should roll like a gay buffalo," Sehun said in between pants. He was taller than me, which made me mad considering he was three years younger than me. His bright rainbow hair contrasted his poker-faced personality, and his deep voice. He was the youngest of us, a fifteen year old freshmen compared to Yifan being an eighteen year old senior.

"And might I ask what the hell that's supposed to mean?" I asked. I looked at Yifan, wondering what it could have meant for it to be so offensive to make him lash out like that.

"I don't have a clue, but whatever he thought it meant made him freak out!" Jongdae said. He started dying of laughter, his hysterical howls echoing through the hallway. Jongin and Chanyeol soon joined him, all of them falling on the floor and rolling around like a bunch of idiots.

I just shook my head, moving towards them and managing to whack each of them on the back of the head. Sehun was the only one who didn't get hit, as he was the only one who was simply dying of lack of breathe rather then excessive laughter.

"All of you are gonna pay for that later. I swear to it," Yifan said. All of them just nodded, rubbing the back of their heads and looking down like a bunch of scolded puppies. Sehun stayed pokerfaced. Of he ever smiled, it would be a miracle.

"Well, you can kill them later. Right now, we have stuff to do," I said. All of them looked up at me, knowing I was right. We had things to do, and also had to be back in time before lunch. But just as they stood up and got ready to head out, another boy started walking down the hallway. He was soon followed by another, both of them talking about something I couldn't understand.

They were talking in Mandarin, after all.

They were both kind of tall, with really dark hair. One of them had dark circles under his eyes, but whether it was from sickness or birth I didn't Know. The other one was kind of pale, but extremely skinny with thick thighs. He had a bright white smile, and had a really cute dimple as well.

I realized I was staring, and shook my head to snap out of it. Then I noticed Yifan staring as well.

"What are they talking about?" I asked him. This was one of those cases where his language skills came in handy. He spoke English, Korean, Mandarin, and a few other languages.

"Something about Pandas, unicorns and wushu," he said, still staring at them. I slapped his Arm ,snapping him out of his trance. But we still watched them, paying no attention to the four children acting like idiots behind us. But when the two boys got close enough, something happened I had never expected to.

They walked right past us.

You see, on a normal day, we get stared at and drooled over by every girl and the occasional guy in the school. They would see us, we would approach them, date them, and then dump them a day or two later when they got to be no fun. But even with that reputation following us around, everyone always paid attention to us. It never failed. Until now.

The two boys turned the corner, Dimple boy laughing at something Eye Black said. Yifan and I both stared at them the entire time, finally snapping out of it when they vanished and Jongin finally talked.

"Are you two dome drooling? Because we have things to do," he said. Yifan and I both jumped, nodding and leading the way out of the school. This was normal for us, and nothing the teachers weren't used to. I let the other four go ahead, and I stayed behind them with Yifan.

"Have you ever seen those two before? The ones in the hallway?" I asked. He shook his head, trying to remember if he had.

"No. My best guess is new foreign exchange students, but you never know. I'm Chinese too and I'm not an exchange student," he said. I Nodded, furrowing my eyebrows as I went back to watching the three idiots run around, chasing each other as Sehun tried to avoid it.

There was just something about those two that caught my attention. It must've been the fact that they ignored the six of us. Like I said, that had never happened before. But maybe Yifan was right. Maybe they were just random exchange students who had just transferred.

But for some reason, I wanted to be able to know if that was true.

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