Phuck'd Up Nation

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When Brittany's ex spreads a malicious rumor about her throughout Bridgemont High she teams up with Jamie Simmon's, Residential Bad Ass, and Jamie's incredibly sarcastic older brother Michael, to take him down.

Welcome to Phuck'd Up Nation.


"This guy must have something up his ass all the time," I said with my eyes locked on Michael. He raised an eyebrow, shrugged, and bit into his tuna sandwich.

Jamie flounced onto the bar stool beside me and rolled her eyes, "Nah, he just doesn't care."

Michael rearranged his body so that his arms pressed against the table top, the fading sunlight danced in orange, pink and marigold against his bronze skin. He held his sandwhich up to his mouth again with both hands, took a bite and stared me down. It wasn't a mean stare, more like a calculative kind, the type a mom would give to a child who had done something so mischeviously brilliant and didn't know whether the child should be punished or not.

Completely aware that I had gone into the danger zone, I allowed my eyes to flirt, and he gave me that same stony stare, "He's mute too huh?"

His hazel eyes glint in the fading sunlight as he extracted one hand from his sand which. He curled his fingers into his plam, then slowly teased his middle finger until it stood upright. The corner of his mouth lifted up into a half smile.

I winked, "Good thing he knows sign language."

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