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A/N Hey everyone sorry this chapter is a bit slow, but I didn't want to give too much informatin out just yet. I hope you all are still enjoying it. Next upload will be thursday at the lates.

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Chapter Six

  "There are just some things that you don't need to know Angelica," Dante glanced at Angelica as he turned away from her, her eyes pleading for something he couldn't give her.  

  She just wouldn't understand the circumstances of the situation. It was bad enough that other wolf packs where frightened of what he could do, what would he do if she reacted the same way every other woman he had tried getting close to did?  

  She'd not like every other woman. 

  His wolf was determined to make Dante see his point of view, but no matter how hard he tried to convince him that Angelica wasn't the same Dante didn't want to hear it.  

  "If you think I'm going to marry you without knowing what the hell is going on, you have another think coming. I'm not going to stand aside idly and just watch all of you suffer. What do you take me for? A coward?" Dante lifted his eyebrows in surprise, never had anyone bothered to care about him or his family.  

  But that still didn't change the fact that they were just too different for him to actually tell her what she wanted to hear.  

  "Angelica, why can't you just comfort yourself with the fact that I'll handle the situation. I won't let anything happen to you again- 

  "Is that what you think it's all about? That I'm worried about myself?" her face couldn't look anymore shocked even if he'd slapped her.  

  "Isn't it?" Dante couldn't understand the woman, she should be frightened, worried about the fact that someone had tried to kill her, instead here there she was, arguing about pointless things.  

  "The hell I am! I'm worried about everyone in this house. Don't you think that if they got to me they won't get to your family? Alex and Izzy? I won't have anything happening to them," Angelica's voice broke at the end.  

  Those two children were her life as he was well aware, but confessing the truth to her could bring him more complications than he would care to admit or like.  

  "Angelica I understand that you're worried, I do, but like I said- 

  "Don't patronize me Dante, I think I'm a big girl now. I'm sure I'll be able to handle the truth. So you'd better tell me or- 

  "Or what Angelica? What exactly are you going to do?" Dante suddenly felt anger rise in him.  

  How dare the human treat him like he had to answer her questions, like she was the one in command? 

  His wolf didn't like where his thoughts were going but even as he felt the anger rise in him there was no stopping that side of him from rising up.  

   No stopping to think Dante found himself at her bedside, his arms going around her shoulders and clamping tightly on them, his fingers biting into her skin.  

  Angelica's eyes widened, her eyes clouding with pain and just a little bit of fear, even though he felt power coursing through him at the thought.  

  "What do you think you're doing?" she tried to make her voice steady, but try as she might it still wavered, giving away the fact that she wasn't as tough as she would like to appear.  

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