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*trigger warning*

"C'mon Mila! You've been locked up in your apartment since Monday! You never come out with us anymore" Dinah whined over the phone.

"Dinah I just don't want to okay, I've just been kinda emotional for personal reasons the past couple days" Camila sighed, picking at a loose thread on her comforter. "Even more of a reason to come! C'mon, we'll get so fucked up you'll forget about all that" Dinah laughed. "Fine! I'll come, but I'm not getting drunk DJ" Camila gave in. "Hell yeah, wear something hot, the girls and I will pick you up at eight" Dinah cheered, saying goodbye before hanging up.

Camila huffed, laying back on her bed. She just thought for a little while, contemplating the past few days. She missed Lauren of course, but wasn't about to let go of her pride and call her. That and she was still mad at her for not telling her about seeing her months before they actually met. After a few minutes of thinking, Camila got out of bed, deciding if she was being forced to go out, she might as well make the best of it.

She took a long hot shower, fixing her makeup and hair before actually getting dressed. The girl bit her lip, pulling out the package of pull ups she'd been using for the past few days. She'd gotten a bit better at going to the bathroom, but often had accidents during the day, and almost every night. She ignored the ache for Lauren she felt, shaking her head and telling herself to pull it together. The small girl slid into a short black dress, that showed off her curves without hugging tight enough to see her pull up. She was strapping on a pair of heels when her door swung open, revealing Dinah, Normani and Ally, all dressed up to go clubbing.

"Damn Mila! You look hot!" Normani gaped, walking around the girl. "Girl you're gonna get some tonight looking like that" Dinah chuckled. "There will be no getting some tonight Dinah Jane. I am a pure child of Jesus" Camila laughed. "My god what do I do with you two" Ally laughed.


The four girls had finally made their way downtown, heading to one of the most popular clubs. Dinah immediately made her way to the bar, bringing back an assortment of drinks. "Jesus Dinah" Normani chuckled, taking a sip of hers.

The girls sat and chatted for a while, at least until some good songs started to play. Then it was Normani who pulled everyone up to dance.

Camila was having a great time, and had actually forgotten about some of her feelings. She was dancing and having fun when she felt a large hand grip her waist. The girl turned around, faced with a guy about her age, and extremely attractive. "Wanna dance?" He yelled over the music. Camila nodded going back to what she was doing before.

The two danced for a while, ending up liming each other enough for more than just one song. It was when a slow and sensual song came on that this began to escalate. Camila was tipsy, and felt more courage than she'd usually have. She swiftly started to grind on the guy, smiling and biting her lip back at him.

At this point he'd had enough, and bent over to whisper in her ear. "Wanna get out of here?" He asked, voice harshly raspy. Camila nodded, telling her friends she was heading out. This elicited a few hollers and whistles, along with a eyebrow wiggle from Dinah.

Camila walked out, turning the corner towards the side of the club. They'd kissed inside and were now making out next to the entrance. "Let's hit up my place" he smiled, leading Camila to a car he'd just called.

He roughly touched her thigh in the car, looking at her with a gaze that made her feel a bit uncomfortable. She'd stopped drinking, and was now realizing where this was going. She'd never had a one night stand, and didn't necessarily want to start now. "S-stop I don't want to do this anymore" she stuttered quietly.

"C'mon babe, course you do. You were all up on me on the dance floor" he drunkily slurred. "No I don't, can you let me out please" she asked. "No, she's coming with me" he slurred again. Camila moved away from him, pleading the driver again.

The man stopped, letting her out, but not anticipating the man running right after her. "C'mon you can't just leave a guy hanging like this" he said, pinning her against an alley wall. "Get off me!" She yelled, punching at his chest. "It's not cool to get me all worked up like this. Come back to my place and we'll have some fun" he drunkenly laughed, gripping her hand in the direction of the car.

"No! Let go of me!" She yelled again, lulling her own arm back. "Fine. Your loss anyway" he spat, getting back in his car and driving off.

Camila shivered, looking at her clock. 2:30 AM. She was thankful things hadn't escalated, but was scared nonetheless. She definitely didn't recognize this part of town, and had no idea how to get home from here. She dialed Dinah's number, not getting a response. The small girl knew they'd taken Ally's car here, so it wasn't like they could all just come get her.

Biting her lip, she opened her phone again, dialing the phone number slowly. Pressing the call button, she wrapped her arms around herself to warm up before hearing the person on the other side pick up.


I know this kind of thing has been done before, but somebody requested it and I honestly couldn't think of anything else. Leave your ideas in the comments!

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