Chapter Twenty-Four: Chronicles of Nyronia

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"You're telling me we have to go back and get that psycho already? We only just got rid of him!" Da'bral despaired. Ishti had waited to get back to the ship before telling them, and the reaction was exactly as he expected.
"Da'bral's right," added Olulm, "And I am not letting that idiot back on my ship! I always knew Corellians had poor judgement."
"Calm down! Gan thinks we need him for the next mission." Da'bral opened his mouth to protest. "And I agree with him." Ishti added, and brought out the Senate Vault plans. "Nobody other than Nyron could steal something from the Senate Vault, and I think the risks are worth it for 100,000."
Olulm's eyes gleaming at the thought of that much money, but Da'bral didn't look convinced.
"The Senate Vault?" He said. "Did we leave the broken Guild just to become major criminals?"
"This is bigger than you know, Da'bral, and we're doing good here. I'll explain it all to you soon, but for now you have to trust me."
"I'm not complaining about 100,000 credits, Ishti - but do we really need Nyron?"
"You think this is easy for me? You think I made this decision lightly?! This is worth the risk."
Olulm shifted his jaw frustratedly. "Fine," he said at last, "But if he wrecks my ship I'm throwing him out of the airlock."
"Good. Let's go pick him up then." With his team won over, Ishti sat down and started looking over the plans, the beginnings of a plan forming in his mind."

They'd all agreed that the best place to start looking for Nyron was where they'd left him, but none of them had expected him to be sitting exactly where they'd left him, smiling and waving up at them, surrounded by shards of glass. They landed the ship on the large rock overhanging Nyron's shady dwelling and made there way down.
"Um, hi." Began Ishti awkwardly as they came round the corner. "How've you been?"
Nyron jumped up energetically. "It's about freaking time you piece of bantha shit! The kettle's just boiled; you would have missed the cactus tea!"
"Cactus tea?" Said Da'bral in disbelief. The three newcomers all looked round until they saw a concave stone a few metres away filled with something that admittedly did look like hot tea, sitting on a recently extinguished fire.
"Nyron with fire? Fierfek this us going to end horribly." Commented Olulm.
"Well what else do you think I've been drinking since the whiskey ran out? There's not much around here other than cactus, so I steeped the water in the needles."
Ishti decided to humour him. "That's certainly inventive. Sure, I could go for some tea."
"Yeah, well, don't even ask me how I got the fire going. It'd be like the time when the old guy told the really long story to the bear guy and all the little guys just wanted to go home."
Ishti, Da'bral, and Olulm looked at each other confusedly.
"Nyron, there's a reason we came back." Da'bral proffered carefully.
"We need you back." Ishti told him.
"Came for tea, came for me..." mused Nyron, "which is it?"

"Ah, whale then; have a cuppa." Nyron crouched down, poured some tea into four mugs, and cheerfully handed them around, keeping one for himself. "Don't ask how I got the cups; it'd be like the time when the old dude - well, you get the picture."
Da'bral looked at his tea suspiciously, gingerly swirling the small green lumps around, and Olulm slowly tilted his cup to the side so the tea poured out onto the sand. It was much louder than he'd expected, but Nyron didn't notice, or more likely just didn't care. Ishti decided to risk a sip.
"So, what is this planet anyway?" Nyron asked.
"Not a planet, a moon: Yavin 13." Ishti said.
Nyron tilted his head to the side for second. "That name sucks." He declared. "Okay then, I hereby name this moon Nyrondale! Nyron World! Nyronia! Nyronopia! Nyra! What do you guys think?"
"Nyronia?" Ishti suggested, and Da'bral nodded in agreement.
"Nyronia it is!" Nyron dropped and began scratching strange, curved symbols into the overhang wall.
"Thanks for the tea, Nyron, but we need to talk to you about why we came here." Said Da'bral.
"What am I doing? This planet is unpopulated, someone's gotta create a mythology. We also need to pick up all this glass to remove signs of interference for future settlers!"
"Nyron, please."
"I already know why you're here." Nyron said, now unsettlingly serious. "You need me, just as you always have, just as you always will."
"Yes. We do, the mission -"
"You need me to beat Parleoni Vandigo in a game of expert stick hockey. How much are you willing to pay?"
"No, no that wasn't it." Said Da'bral, "We need to steal something from the Senate Vault. Please come on."
"Alright alright! I'll come. Nice eye by the way."
Da'bral snarled as Nyron walked past, and bored a jagged hole through his back as he followed him back to the ship.

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