Stan x bisexual! reader x Wendy ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling... this is a request from @Imoverhereuknow and requests are still open.

~Your pov~

Being in a love triangle sucks, I love them both and it's a very hard to choose because there both my friends... I love how Wendy know how I feel and knows what's good on me but I also love how Stan treats me like a princess and how he gives me hugs when I want them, this is such a hard decision... I don't know what to do...

Today I was at the mall with Stan and Wendy, Wendy wanted to go shopping for new clothes and Stan asked to join, so I said yes but I knew Wendy was unhappy with my choice.

We went into a shop and I saw the most beautiful dress ever, it was a black spaghetti strap dress with a shiny (f/c) ribbon around it. "Go try it on (y/n) you would look absolutely gorgeous in it!!" Wendy said

I find my size and try in on and came out "OH MY GOD (Y/N) YOU LOOK STUNNING!!" Wendy said

"you look nice (y/n)" Stan said

Wendy looked at him "ummm, how could you say that! (Y/n) look beautiful and you say that!" She yelled at him

"I'm sorry Wendy, but I hate clothes shopping, its boring I want to go look at the video games" Wendy crossed her arms

"Guys please don't fight, I'll get the dress and we'll go get some video games ok?" They nodded

I payed for the dress and went to the video game store, I was looking around and spotted (f/g) in the corner of my eye. I quickly grabbed it and ran towards Stan, he looked at the game and smiled "ok (y/n), I'll pay for it" I was jumping up and down, Stan payed for it and we walked out of the store.

Wendy walked up to Stan and whispered something in his ear, Stan was shocked and Wendy nodded. I stared in confusion, "(y/n) we need to ask you something" they ask at the same time

"o-ok" you said nervous

"(Y/n) we are confessing to you, (y/n) we both love you more than a friend" Wendy said

"we need to know now...who do you like more?" Stan said, I couldn't move nor speak. "I-I don't k-know how to c-choice, this is v-very hard for me... I would have to choice...

~Wendy's ending~

"I choose... Wendy I'm sorry Stan but I love Wendy more can we still be friends?" He nodded and I grabbed Wendy's hand and kissed her check, Wendy blushed and giggled.

She is so cute when she blushes, "Thanks (y/n) I'm going to go" Stan said walking towards a cute looking girl sitting by herself drink a smoothie.

"Ok see you Stan" I said happily because I have the girl of my dreams beside me.

"Oh my god (y/n)!! Look at that dress it's so beautiful!!" I guess this is what you call love.

~Stan's ending~

"I choose... Stan I'm so sorry Wendy, best friends?" I held out my arms and Wendy hugged me back.

"Its ok (y/n), I bet I can go ask out that guy and he will say yes" she said looking a very hot guy

"oh you're on" I said fist pumping her. She walked over to him and started talking to him, she looking back at gave me a thumbs up. I felt a pair of lips on my cheeks and my face felt like fire, I look at Stan and giggled.

~I hope its good •~• soz if its short~

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