Dallas pt.2😛

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Next Morning🌞
I woke up before Zo so I got my cloths together and took a shower. I got dressed. About 12, we all was in the lobby again. Everybody look cute in there out fits. OUTFIT ➡️

We decided to get brunch then to 3 of Dallas museum then their aquarium

We decided to get brunch then to 3 of Dallas museum then their aquarium.

At the aquarium 🦀🐠
Chloe pov 😂
All the girl set off together own way and the boy set off  together. " kae now yn tell me what happen last night " I said instantly lookin at her " uhhh well we was watch a movie but it went off so we started talking one thing lead to another and we was fucking " She said. Smirking " and u liked it omg" cayla said "i mean who wouldn't " yn said looking away " right" I said laughing

Javian pov 😂
" yoooo have anybody got some yet " I asked the boy " nah I haven't " Chris said shaking his head " well I have " renzo said smirking and lookin away " on god dude " me and Chris said at the same time " yeaaa man " Zo said "awwww shit how was it" Chris ask " mane what shit was ......." he said smirking " you know u took her v card right " Chris said "yeaaa" he said " aww mane u took it you know she gon expect u to stay with her right " I said " yeaa i know " he said. We continue to talk. About an hour later, we meet back up with the girls." Hey bae" Chloe said hugging me.I hug back. We all agreed on something to eat them back to the hotel. 

Yn pov😌
Me and Zo got up to the room and changed into our pajamas. " Netflix?" I said look at him " we both know what that's gonna end to." he said smirking. I smirk at him and bit my lip. My phone began to ring. I looked at it and it was my dad.I answered "hey daddy " " hey baby girl " he said " what you doing " we both said at the same time then laugh. " nothing just got back to the hotel." I said " oh where y'all go today??" He ask " to some museums and the aquarium out here" I said "oh was it nice?" " yeaaaa I guess " I said lookin at Lorenzo " so where y'all going tomorrow?" " six flags " I said " oh well I hope you have fun" he said " thanks dad tell April rozy and Jaden I said hayyyy" I said " okae silly girl " he said chuckling " alright dad I love u good night " " good night yn love you too " he said hanging up. I look at Zo; he was looking down at his phone. I pu my phine in my bra and snatch his out of his hand. " mane wtf " he said laughing. I clicking on snap chat. I felt his hand on my boob. I instantly took my phone out of it n gave it to him. I put the flower crowned on me and started to record " baeeeeeee loook " I said lookin into the camera. He look and kissed my cheek " wassup y'all " he said wrapping he's arms around me. The video ended and I put " M I N E S 😩💕👫💍" and add it to his snap I took a pic and said " GIRLFRIEND HERE HOES😛 y'all mad 😂😂??" I Add it. I looked over at renzo he was taking pics too. " stop doing that face " I said laughing " what face" he chuckled " that light skin face " I said doing it . He laughs at me. I just kelp taking pics. He starts record me " look at ha model type " I just smiled hard ash " lookin like a mother fuckin snack " he said ending the video (video in the media box) he laid on the bed. We turned on a movie and watched it till we both fell asleep .

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