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The single most important thing you can do to be successful on Wattpad.....

Write! *crowd swoons* I know it sounds crazy, but the most successful writers on Wattpad commit to writing and posting a new chapter every week. If you aren't there, don't worry! Wattpad is all about learning and growing :) 

The next most important thing: Rewrite! Guess what, that chapter of mine that you read on Wattpad? I rewrote almost all of it! ;D And I will continue to rewrite and revise it off of Wattpad. So what people read of my work is really only a draft in the process. And that's totally normal! No author sits down and makes a beautiful and perfect novel on the first try. I also carefully consider what readers comment my work, especially if they are confused, and consider this in future revisions.

Remember that writing is a journey, not a destination. Write because you love it, not because you want to be rich and famous. Truly, there is no glory in writing (and very little money XD)

Some other tips..

-Write short chapters with cliff hangers. Typically around 2,000 words.

-Respond to comments, and reach out to new readers.

-Post a profile picture and a short blurb about yourself.

-Get someone from the Multimedia designs club to design you an awesome book cover! Ever heard the saying don't just a book by it's cover? Well, people do, ALL THE TIME, so make sure your cover represents your book well!

-Don't give up! Celebrate the small victories and realize it takes time to get more reads and views.

-Enjoy :D It sounds dumb, but enjoy the process. You are making a story, even if it never becomes a bestseller, that is awesome!! Own it!! :D

-Promote your book! But be sure to do it in the right places (NOT in the comments of other people's book, that is rude!!) Here is one place that you can promote yourself. Go to Community, then Clubs, Then find your genre in Categories and there is a specific page to promote your story. Post a blurb there and a cover for your book.

-Remember Wattpad is a community, and communities have rules. Be respectful and kind to others, reach out and support others, and they will help support you. 

-If you are serious about writing, then find ways to improve your writing. Classes and writing groups are great, but sometimes those are hard to join, especially because many of you are young. Don't be discouraged, its good to start young!I would highly recommend a class that Brandon Sanderson, a fantasy author, recorded and posted on Youtube (so it's free and accessible to all with internet! :D) . I added it to the external links, but you can also just google brandon sanderson class youtube and you should be able to find it. I think he gives great, honest advice of becoming an author, and how to improve your writing in general :) 

10/12/2017- I had one lovely readers reach out to me and ask about advice if you are shy in sharing your writing. Great question- because I've totally been there and dealt with that!

In my opinion the best thing to do is face your fears head on. Join a writers group or a critique group, or find readers on Wattpad at your level to exchange writing with. I was terrified of sharing my writing until I took a creative writing class where every 4 weeks our own stories got work-shopped and for 20 minutes you just had to sit there while other people tore apart your work... It was terrifying, but by the end I realized that all writing and writers need improvement, and the only way to get over your fears is to face them. Now it's not as scary that thousands of people leave comments on my book daily ;) Who cares? I will keep writing and loving it regardless, so just keep moving forward and try and develop a thick skin.... while still learning and developing as you go. One of my professors once gave me the AMAZING advice, "when someone tells you something is wrong with part of your story, they are usually right. When they tell you how you should fix it, they are usually wrong." Keep that in mind when people critique your work. Try not to take it personally and instead try to see why they are saying what they are, and how it can make you better.

7/1/2017: Just a note about messaging me. I don't mind talking with readers, but I kind of hate it when someone just messages me "hi" or "pls read mi booc" or some other message they've obviously not spent time on. Worse is when they ask me some technical message about Wattpad, like it's my job to assist them. I'm a busy person, I'm not going to respond to these questions. I usually just delete them. HOWEVER, if you write to me about how you are a fan, and actually show genuine interest and respect, and treat me like a real person, then I would love to respond to your comments, and often end up writing more back then people wrote to me. I really do like talking with people, but only when I feel like they are genuine and aren't just sending tons of these messages out to everyone. *NOTE: I don't take reading requests, no matter how lovely you are or how wonderful your message. Wish I could, but I just don't have time, and honestly, there are so many other ppl on Wattpad who would love to read your book, you really don't need me, I promise ;) Sorry if this makes me sound like a jerk, but I've learned there is only so much time in a day! I really do appreciate you guys

That's all I've got for now! Do you guys have other things to add? Let me know in the comments. 

Now, go find your verse!

Best, H.J. Nelson

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