Chapter Four: First Contact

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Okay, he could deal with his, Hiro decided. They weren't trying to do anything anyone would regret, and the tone the man named Jean-Luc Picard used was placating. He doubted there were ulterior motives. "We figured as much," he admitted. "We also noticed one of your party is injured. We have a medic who could look at that, if you like." He added the last part almost as an afterthought, suddenly unsure of how the offer would be seen.

Picard had a sudden suspicion. Even though this individual sounded quite mature, there was something about him that begged him to question the potential age. "Of course," he answered. "I was wondering something, though. Would you be so kind as to show me your face? It's a bit difficult to accept help from someone you can't see eye to eye with."

Hiro let out his held breath. Okay, that was a bit unexpected. People usually didn't ask him, or any of his team for that matter, to take off their headgear. But, since they were trying for peaceful negotiations, and these people were obviously not from around the area, he supposed he could make an exception. He reached for his helmet and twisted it off, holding it under one arm.

The captain almost took a step back. "But you're just a boy!" He couldn't help but include a slight tone of protest in his words. It was no secret on the ship that he had a hard time dealing with children. And right in front of him stood a child, a teenager more accurately. And he was the leader of this rather odd ensemble? It was unbelievable.

Well that was new, sort of, Hiro decided. He'd gotten used to the whole "but you're so young" when it came to his genius. After all, he'd graduated high school at thirteen, entered college at fourteen. And now that he was close to sixteen, well, he still looked young, even though he was a bit taller than he used to be. Still, he supposed it would disconcert a man of several times his age, someone old enough to probably be his grandfather, if he was being honest. But that didn't change matters. He was still Big Hero Number One and he had to act like it. "So?"

"And you're the leader of your little... group?" Picard couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed by this idea. Since when were children allowed to take charge? Unless this was a race that aged in reverse. It wasn't unheard of. "Just how old are you?"

Hiro felt a wave of irritation wash over him. "Almost sixteen," he answered. "Did you want our help or not?"

Realizing he'd somehow managed to offend the boy, Picard decided to back off a little. "Yes, of course," he said by way of apology. "Lacking sufficient medical supplies, any help would be welcome." He just wondered how they'd react to Worf. "By all means, please bring in your medic."

Hiro turned back towards the rest of his team and waved them forward. "Come on, guys," he urged when it looked like Wasabi was hesitating. "It should be safe."

"Not until they put those things away!" Wasabi called back over his radio, pointing towards the partially visible Klingon.

Hiro glanced a bit hesitantly at the captain. "Uh, my guys say they won't come any closer until your men put down their weapons."

Seeing the direction the green-clad native pointed, Picard couldn't help but follow the direction, realizing Worf was partially in view, his phaser at the ready. "Put that thing away," he admonished his security chief. "They're only here to help." He gave a bit of a wave, silently telling his officer to move out of view.

A bit reluctantly, the Klingon complied, placing the phaser in the holster at his hip. He backed further into the trees when it became obvious they were coming in.

With the weapon put away, Wasabi was more willing to move forward with the rest of the team, Baymax bringing up the rear. Honey Lemon joined them as they moved towards their leader, GoGo smacking her gum, her skates slung over one shoulder. They were useless on the uneven ground.

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