January 27, 2017 - Tips for a Safe and Happy Community

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Happy Friday, Wattpadders!

As you know Wattpad is a rapidly expanding community. With an audience of over 45,000,000, that's a whole lot of people out there to meet! We always want to encourage you to engage with new friends in the community from all over the world. However, ensuring your safety and protecting your personal information is important to us, too. Here are some tips to help stay safe and happy on Wattpad, as well as support resources should you encounter anything that seems out of the ordinary.

Create a strong password: Choose a password that isn't easy to replicate. For example, "password123," is probably not the best choice to use as a password. We suggest using a combination of numbers, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters.

Mix it up: We strongly encourage users to change their password every 6 months. Just like all social media platforms, regular privacy checkups can be helpful in making sure your account is always secure.

Play it safe: Make sure you are on www.wattpad.com before you log into your account. Any links that we send you will come from that same address, so please be wary of any outside link that claims to lead to Wattpad.

Exercise caution: Don't click on any links sent to you by accounts you don't recognize. You can confirm whether an account is genuine or not by visiting the user's profile page and seeing if there is an official Wattpad badge next to the username. 

A light orange checkmark means that it is a Wattpad verified profile.

A dark orange Wattpad w represents our Wattpad Stars.

A light orange Wattpad w represents our Wattpad HQ staff.

A teal Wattpad w represents our Ambassadors, our trained volunteers who are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Any message from the Wattpad team will only come from either a Wattpad staff member, Wattpad_Research or this Wattpad profile. When in doubt, report it or contact our support team.

Have a happy weekend! Tell us what you're reading in the comments below. 📖

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