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    "You felt  it too?" I asked Leo once we put Rylan in bed and got dressed.

"Yeah, I could feel it through the mate bond, he was tempted to leave" he admitted, his voice grim. While chasing Rylan through the forest, we had felt his need to be free, and I fear that if we hadn't caught him, he would have left.

"There is no way he could have left us, we're his mates. It's just all that has happened has been overwhelming for him. Do you think we should postpone the pride meeting to give him some time to adjust?" Leo offered while looking down at Rylan who stirred slightly.

"I think that would be for the best, I don't want to scare him away. After all, it's my fault he feels so self-conscience" I growled, knowing how much pain I had caused him is practically still eating at me. But it was I who brought this upon myself.

"You've already beat yourself up about it enough. We both forgive you, and we all want to keep going on with our lives as mates" Leo growled back as he pushed me against the bedroom wall, careful not to wake Rylan.

Our cocks were still rock hard after we had teased Rylan to no end in the forest, and both of our tigers were aching for release. I leaned forward and took Leo's mouth, dominating his with my tongue and rubbing our fronts together, but it seemed like he had other plans.

We fought for dominance, and he won, taking over the kiss until we both needed air. He turned me around to face the wall before yanking my sweats down to my ankles, he made it clear that this time, he was in charge.

He pulled his cock from his pants and without any foreplay, slammed home. The mixture of pleasure and pain was perfect, and I was leaking pre-cum all over the place. He grabbed my erection in his hand and began thrusting while jerking me at the same rhythm.

His massive cock slid against my prostate with each thrust and I could help but let out a moan every time I felt it.

"Shhh, you wouldn't want to wake up our little mate would you. Or do you want him to watch as I take you against the wall? Hmm, do you want him to watch me fuck you into oblivion?" he asked before biting down on my ear and slamming his cock square into my prostate. Making me scream into his hand that covered my mouth while the other stroked my leaking prick.

"Take it. Mine. Mate" Leo snarled before ramming into my hole one last time, releasing his load inside me as I came in his hand. My moans of pleasure were muffled by his hand, but soon they died down and I was left in a daze. Leo pulled my sweats up and placed me in bed with Rylan, who had slept through the entire encounter.

He kissed both our tiny mate's and I's heads before he put his flaccid penis away and walked out of the room. Leaving me sweaty and dazed from the intense pleasure I had just received, and without another thought, I fell asleep spooning Rylan.

Leo's POV

I had left my mates in search of my father, I needed him to postpone the meeting until a later date so I could get back to my mates. My tiger was still purring after the encounter with Linus, and he desperately wanted more.

"Dad?" I called throughout the pride house, only to be greeted with the sound of silence. I instantly became anxious and began sprinting through the halls, calling my dad.

I finally made it to his office, throwing the door open to see him on the floor, barely breathing. I fell to the floor beside him, lifting him into my arms while screaming for Linus as I ran to the Infirmary.

"Lola!" I yelled out the doctor's name as I laid him down on the hospital bed, causing him to be swarmed by nurses as I was escorted down the room.

"Leo what happened?" she demanded as she began frantically examining my dad, desperately looking for any pulse.

"I don't know I just found him on the floor, and he wasn't breathing. What's wrong with him?" I demanded as I began to be ushered away from my father's prone form by other doctors.

"His heart valve is failing, you need to leave, he needs surgery" she exclaimed while trying to keep me back as my father was wheeled away into an operating room while I tried to follow. But a warm figured wrapped their arms around me from behind while a smaller one hugged me from the front, my mates. They have obviously sensed my distress and came to calm me down, but judging from the raging emotions from both my mates, I wasn't the only one who needed this closeness.

"C'mon, let's go back to the room, they will tell us when he is out of surgery," Linus said in a calming tone, although there was an underlying message of worry delivered along with it.

"But we need to wait for him" I protested weakly as they led me out of the infirmary "We will wait in the room, right now we need to calm down" but the calming words did not have the desired effect.

"CALM DOWN, THAT IS OUR DAD IN THERE, AND YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN. DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN TO HIM" I exploded in rage at his attempt to calm me. Did he even care?

"I'm just as worried as you are trus-"

"TRUST YOU? THE SAME MAN WHO REJECTED HIS MATE BECAUSE OF WHAT HE IS. WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU." I growled loudly, drawing the attention of many of our pride mates.

"Leo, I think what he means is that being too worried won't help very much" Rylan tried to diffuse the situation with his small, shaky voice. But that only had me seeing red, causing all the weeks of stress and worry and anger build up within me. Clouding my vision and judgment, and before I knew it, Rylan was flying against the wall of the house.

He was clutching his cheek, and as I finally came too, I noticed that he had fear in his eyes, fear that was directed at me. I panted, the whole entire room had gone silent until Rylan jumped t his feet and ran out of the house. Linus took one look at me, and so much hurt sadness and overwhelming rage was present in his gaze before he took off after our tiny mate.

Causing reality to sink into my very bones, I had hurt him, I hurt Rylan. My mate, my other half, and in the process I had hurt my other mate as well. I wanted so desperately to run after them, but I felt as though lead had filled my very bones, rooting me to one spot. That was until whispers broke out in the room.

'I've never seen mates hurt one another'

'Poor Rylan, the boy didn't deserve that'

'Such a cruel mate, does he even care?'

I turned and ran up the stairs, ran like the very coward I am, I couldn't bear to hear the whispers. Or see the fear or disgust in their eyes any longer, but I felt as though both of those things followed me into the room. I sat on the bed with my head in my hands, trying to comprehend what had just taken place.

One thing was for certain, I needed to apologize, I needed to apologize and beg for his forgiveness. For both of their forgiveness, I had let my out of control emotion get the better of me, and it cost me, my mates.

With that I stood up and strode towards the door, determination evident in my fast gait, but just as I reached for the door, it swung open, revealing a very anger Linus. But the tears in his eyes clashed with the anger that was also within his expressive gaze.

"He's gone" he muttered with barely contained rage. But those words caused my heart to drop.

"What do you mean" I demanded.

"He's gone. After your meltdown, he left. We lost his trail in the woods. He's gone" With that, my tiger took over destroying everything in the room, while Linus stood in the doorway, making no move to calm me.

Once I was done I stood in the middle of the disaster I created and cried, my tears only worsened when the door slammed, signaling that Linus had left.

I drove both my mates away.

I drove the very new I loved away.

I needed to fix this.

This was all my fault.

All my fault.

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