Authors Note

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Hello Everyone,

Wow this is the first ever authors note, lol. So, I really hope you're all liking this book so far.

So there was something really important I wanted to say. I know a lot of you are saying, this story is dragging on and Aazeen is too attached to her past, but that's what reality is like. I mean, you can't forget something like that in a day. It takes time and if you guys know how I work. You'll know I do things slow lol.

Anyhow, so this is important so listen up you amazing people out there. I know a lot of you have made  awesome theories and one of the main one is, that Ammar kılled Yaseen and Muskaan, let me make it clearer.

Yes he did.

I'm kidding. Ammar did no such thing, he wasn't involved in their accident or their deąth. They just happened to pass away for Ammar and Aazeen story to start, however there is something that included all of them, which will be later on revealed. My point is, this story isn't about the past catching up. I mean, it'd be pretty fuçked up if Aazeen married her ex husband's kıller, however  there is something that only Ammar knows.

So aside that, this story is different. You'll like it I'm sure.

I really hope you're enjoying this story though, and if you have any questions. Drop 'em here, I'll answer as many as I can.

Till next time I write ( which is in a few hours lol). 

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