Chapter Twenty-Nine» In Your Name

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they said to live would be an adventure; but to dıe would that be a new beginning. •

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"Do you know what I wish for, more than anything?" the man whispered before me. His dark green eyes swimming with grief, as his hand brushed against the raven of his hair. The metal rings washing past the strands.

A cold breeze swept by us, as though it was washing away the pain of yesterday and was now bringing new hope. A new beginning. Yet, some of us remained at the shores of the past and the future, unable to cross through.

Gazing up. I could feel my feel insides turning as he whispered. A far away look filling his handsome face. " I just want to hold her again. One last time before she goes. One last time, Aazeen".

His soft voice spoke. Echoing across the large courtyard, making me reach forward, holding on to his hand. Smiling softly at him.

Turning towards me; the green of his eyes stared at mine. Swimming with grief, screaming for help, for security, yet how was aid to be given if he refused to acknowledge it.

" She loved you with all her heart". I breathed out, seeing the man glance up at the star lit sky; as though he was seeing something only visible to him.
" I loved her more" his chocked voice came. Echoing across the large courtyard.

A heavy silence fell on us, both of us remaining in our thoughts. In our past and in our unknown future. Standing up slowly, I could see him stare at me. His green eyes glancing at me in curiosity. Offering the man a soft smile, I whispered. Hearing my voice echoing loudly. Seeing something flash within his eyes.

"There's much to live for Khalil. Live a little"

A soft gasp seemed to rip from my mouth. As I opened my eyes, feeling my gaze landing on the dark ceiling above me.

The soft breeze from the open balcony whiffed inside the large room; making me tense. A cold shiver running down my spine. Slowly sitting up, the shaky of my hands reached towards my forehead. Feeling warm sweat drench me.

Closing my eyes tightly. I could almost see Khalil's face, as he sat in the large abandoned courtyard. Staring at the twinkling stars. As though he was searching for his light, for his Muskaan, who had long gone, but left some light for him. Leading him home. Wherever that was.

Warm tears stinged my eyes, as the shaky of my hands reached towards the phone on the bed stand. Inhaling a sharp breath, I scrolled through the contacts, seeing Khalil's name.

Placing the phone against my ear. I could hear it ring, making me tense. Not knowing what time it would be back in London. Glancing at the clock, I could see it strike three in the morning causing me tense.

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