TIPS || working out

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1) Walking for one hour burns 245 calories. Cycling for one hour burns 420, jogging is 490, and running is 560. So choose the activity you find more interesting, or run for an hour if you want to burn the most calories.

2) Find ways to motivate yourself. Whatever works for you, such as an inspiration wall or writing your goals out. [DIY for this will come out soon!]

3) Do it now because sometimes later will become never. Having no gym is not an excuse, you can always do stuff in your room[refer to DIY || workout routine].

4) If you are dead after like 5 mins, continue telling you self to do 5 more minutes. You might end up doing 20 minutes!

5) Workout out with a friend! It is a lot more fun to do with a friend than alone.

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