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I heard the bell ring, yet I was still at the gates of hell. Its not like it was the first time, and likely wouldn't be the last. This was perfectly normal, and each demon themselves knew it. And so I just shook my head, groaning to myself as I made my way to the school.

"Well, time to get another scolding from our teacher," Jongdae said. I look down, finding nothing but his black snapback rim was visible. Well, that and the few brown hairs that poked out from underneath it. I rested my arm on his head, making him flinch but then look up and glare at me. I just gave him my signature smile, a half-smirk that worked on every girl out there.

"Channie!" I heard someone shout. I looked away from Jongdae, only to  find a girl standing in the doorway. She was waving frantically, her bleached blonde hair flying around in the process. I recognized her, but didn't actually know who she was.

"Hey, Dae, do you recognize her?" I asked. He looked at her, squinting his eyes and leaning forward, looking like an idiot in the process. As if he could have made it any more obvious he was staring at her.

"Nah, not this one. She looks familiar, but no name to the face. Another one you picked up maybe?" he suggested. I just shrugged, not entirely sure myself. There were too many of those girls to count.

"Channie, you're finally here! I was waiting for you to get here," she said when we finally got up to the steps. I just stared at her, raising my eyebrows in confusion.

"And who are you, exactly?" I asked. She looked surprised for a second, but then covered it with a fake smile. She ran her hand through her hair, tucking it behind her ear. She looked away, pulling the shy act.

"I'm Park Sandara, remember? You're girlfriend?" she said, not really sounding to sure. While she was pretty, I could already tell she wasn't my type. But when she said the name, I remembered her. She was the last girl I had charmed; some girl at a party that had happened a few days prior. And now, it was time to work my dark magic yet again.

"I have a girlfriend?" I asked. This time, she wasn't able to hide it with a smile. She was surprised, and maybe hurt. But it wasn't my problem. She wasn't my girlfriend, and that was all that mattered.

After that, Jongdae and I walked into the school. The girl was likely crying, as she didn't walk in after us. But I really didn't care, and neither did Jongdae.

"Damn, you're lucky. I would've so gone for her if I could. She would have been fun to mess with," Jongdae said. I just chuckled, knowing he was probably right. However, we both knew he would do exactly what I did. Get bored of her after about a day, and dump her.

"Who would've been fun?" a voice behind us asked. We both stopped and turned around, finding Yifan standing there. We all smirked, waiting for him to catch up with us.

Yifan was kind of like our dad, but like the coolest dad ever. We had been friends with him for years, since sometime in Elementary school. He was tall, taller than me even, with this pale brown hair that was always styled up and in waves. Much like me and Jongdae, he wore mostly all black, with his signature black leather jacket on. We all wore one, and it had our names and our special numbers on the back. As well as a special patch. We called ourselves EXO, a name sort for Exoplanet. It represented how far out in space we were, and just how hard we were to reach.

"Oh, you know. Chanyeol's most recent broken heart," Jongdae said. Yifan nodded, rubbing my head slightly. I  whined about it, as he had put me in a choke hold as well. However, he stopped when Jongdae used his gun.  Jongdae always carried his water gun, and would usually only use it when we teased him for being so short.

Yifan and I both stopped and glared at him when he sprayed us, and he just showed us his giant derpy troll smile. Then Yifan let me go, and Jongdae sprinted down the hallway to get away from us. And he knew very well that when he caught him, he was dead.

Jongdae sprinted down the long hallway, and Yifan and I soon followed. As he turned the corner, we did too, but I stopped dead when I crashed into someone. I fell backwards slightly, but managed to keep my balance. The other person, however, fell onto the ground. I could hear Jongdae's stupid laughter and Yifan's cursing getting farther away. I looked at the ground, glaring at the other person.

"Can't you watch where you're going?" We both said in unison. It took us by surprise for a second, but I quickly regained my composure. I saw that it was a boy, likely my age. He had brown hair, puppy eyes, and a shit ton of eyeliner on.

"Park Chanyeol, junior. Sixteen, slightly below average grades, one of the school's infamous playboys. Playboy level of four out of ten, lowest of the six. But he makes up for it with his height," the kid said. He had a bit of a squeaky voice, and it was stating facts about me as if he had read the school records and kept track of everybody.

"Who are you?" I asked. He opened his mouth to answer, but I cut him off. "Nevermind. I have crap to do. But next time this happens, I won't be letting you off so easy," I warned. He nodded, moving to pick all of his stuff up. I began running down the hallway again, and only stopped to look back once. But when I did, he was gone.

Who was that? I thought to myself. But I just shook my head, figuring it wouldn't be important. I had never seen the kid before, so it wasn't likely I would have to deal with him in any of my classes. But just when the sight of Yifan choking a laughing Jongdae out was finally came into my line a vision, a nasty, shrill voice interrupted me.

"Park Chanyeol!"  The secretary, a nasty lady in her mid-forties, shouted at me. I froze, and so did Jongdae and Yifan. They both just stared at me, then smirked, Jongdae having the audacity to wave at me as they snuck away down another hallway.


I turned around, facing my fate with the secretary. As I figured, she scolded me, telling me that was the fifth time she had caught me running through the hallways that month, my warnings were up, I was getting a detention, blah blah blah. She dragged me into the office, making me stand and wait at her desk as she wrote up my detention slip. But what gained most of my attention was the shadow I saw move behind the door.

In our school's office, there's the place where the secretaries are, and then a door that leads to the records room and the principal's office. Well, behind the door to the records room, a shadow was just peeking out from behind it. Then, as she handed me my slip and I turned to walk away, the shadow came out just a little bit more and I got a better look. But I only saw two things.

Brown hair and eyeliner.

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