Chapter 1 the crash

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Lately I have been thinking like the entire world is against me, like I have done something terrible; I haven't.

Tonight my parents were heading out to rodeo steak house, like the good old times of their youth. I was worried, though. To get there, they had to drive along the longest, skinniest road in town; father wasn't the best driver, either. He failed his driving test five times before he eventually obtained his license. The other day he received his fourth speeding ticket this month.

I really shouldn't be worried about it, though. This gives me a chance to go to my boyfriend's fifteenth birthday party. I can't wait to see his perfectly volumed blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes. He was a perfect gentleman; The type of guy you'd expect to only be in a Hollywood blockbuster, or something like that.

My mother and father have just left in their old fashioned, yet somewhat shiny car.  It had been snowing in Forkes—where I live—and I'm terrified, since there may be black ice layered on the slim street, causing my parents car to slide off the side of the cliff, about four hundred feet from the ground, floating in my nightmare-ish dream-state. I was startled by an abrupt knock on my front door. I look through the peeking hole and there stood my boyfriend, bearing a cute smile. I opened the door, and opened my mouth to speak, yet he spoke first. "You coming, or what?" He asked, dryly. All I could say was "Yeah, okay. Just let me get ready, 'k?"
I pick up a black leather dress from my closet I had never seen before. It was beautiful, though.

I threw the dress on with a pair of shiny black heals, and a shiny rose gold infinity choker. "Hurry up," My boyfriend commanded, impatiently. I had only taken twenty minutes to pick a choker. I created an amazing makeup masterpiece on my pale. "Okay, I'm ready!" I shouted. I got in his dads car, and we drove to his house, with minimal conversation.
Loud music and thousands of people were there with flashing lights of rainbow colors.

I walked off into the crowd, illuminated by bright shining lights, looking around seeing who was there. I looked at my boyfriend as girl after girl walked up, flirting with him. Though not abusing them, he pushed them away "Bella?" He calls my name. I look around until my gaze lay on him.
"Alex?" I called him "Your phone," he pointed, "Its ringing." I took out my phone and checked who was calling. The number was private, yet, answer the phone. "Hello? Who's this?"
A strange voice replies, "Hello, is this Bella Matheson?"
"Yes, it is. Who's this?"
"This is officer Cameron Campbell, from Forkes Police Station. I have some unpleasant news." Tears started uncontrollably pouring out of my eyes. I knew it couldn't have been good. He started in a shaky voice, "Miss..."

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