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The mast washed up on shore, a limp body draped over it. The fisherman set down his net and inspected the large piece of wood. Then his eyes widened as he saw the body breathing. He quickly tried to pull the man down, but he still had a grip on something attached to the mast, even though he was unconscious.

The fisherman pried his fingers off the hilt of the knife embedded in the mast and laid him on the beach. He saw that the man was young, perhaps seventeen or eighteen years of age. He could tell that he was hurt. The boy’s left arm was bent at an unnatural angle. He also had a long scar on his head, was dressed in armor and had several weapons.

The fisherman debated what to do, and finally decided. He’d go to the village and ask for some help. He didn’t have the skill to treat the wounds the boy had, but the village doctor would. Then, perhaps after that, they could ask him what his name was and where he was from.


Regina climbed aboard one of the last remaining ships.

“When is the estimated time of arrival?” She barked at the nearest person. Zayden, previously  called 1304, turned to her. “How should I know? Ask the captain.” Zayden pointed up at the bridge.

“Have the men prepare the Seed,” Regina ordered as she headed toward the bridge. “And once we land, send a team to find out if there were any other survivors.”

Zayden nodded. “Yes, ma’am. And if there are?”

Regina turned back to him. “Bring them in. If they resist, kill them.”

The end of book one.


Wow. I can't even encapsulate my feelings right now. I've finished a book, and now I have to wave farewell to characters I've watched grow and change over the course of so long. I'd like to thank a lot of people, @scottishninja for just being plain awesome, @Christian_Peterson for being super encouraging and discussing plot points, @Sadiyah42 for being a huge fan and for always being awesome to talk to, and way more which would be impossible to write down here.

But besides that, I want to thank all of you, the readers, who so faithfully read and vote. Without you, this really isn't worth anything. Thank you all, and look for the sequel in spring or summer 2014!

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