Chat 2: Tsundere Power (Crossover!)

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Vigne created the group.

Vigne added AzuNyan, Kagamichii and Maki to the group.

Vigne: Hello there!! I would like to make this an opportunity to get to know all of you better!

AzuNyan:  Ok.. Well.. I'm Azusa Nakano.. Pleased to meet you all.

Kagamichii: Then.. I'm Kagami Hiiragi. Nice to meet you.

Maki: If you're all doing it, then.. I'm Maki Nishikino, Pleasure to meet you all.

Vigne: Ok, so my name's Vignette Tsukinose April. And uh... What are we.. gonna be talking about..?

Maki: The fact that all of the people here are Tsunderes?

Kagamichii: I-I'm not a tsundere! Idiot!!!

Kagamichii left the group.

Maki: See what I mean?

AzuNyan: I can clearly see what you mean. And.. Aren't you the only idol here, Maki-chan?

Maki: ......huh?

AzuNyan: Well, Vignette, Kagami and I are all normal people here. You're part of a school idol group, pretty much a famous one too, considering all the posters and figurines I see.

Maki: ..Well.... It's not like I'm proud or anything!!!

Maki left the group.

Vigne: I guess it's only you and me now, Eh Azusa??

AzuNyan: You're right..

Vigne: ...

AzuNyan: ...

Vigne left the group.

AzuNyan left the group.

AzuNyan deleted the group.

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