Chapter 27

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Ssundee's Pov

This was going to be bad. Mitch didn't know how to use most of his abilities and all the bow did was strengthen them. If we get into trouble he'll need to learn how to use them. He could go ahead and send a giant fireball towards Entity, I don't really care what he uses as long as he doesn't kill me.

It was oddly quiet. Too quiet. "Mitch if I go down I want you to use your powers." I said.

He looked at me shocked. "I can't use my powers." He said. "I-I'm not ready."

I looked him straight in the eyes. "Is that your demon or your blaze side talking?" I asked. "You know how to use your demon powers. You just let your blaze power get in the way."

"How am I supposed to use only my demon powers?" He asked. 

"Concentrate." I said. "You'll know what to do when the time comes."

"I don't get it." Mitch said. "How do you know I'll be able to do it? How do you know I won't just blow us all up?"

"Because Bajan had the same problem." Derp was talking for me. "He was full demon but he couldn't control his powers. He often blew us up but when we went into battle he knew what to do. His blood runs through your veins. Just trust us."

Mitch looked down at his bow and sighed. "Don't expect me to use them at the first sign of danger. I'll only use them if I have to."

Before I could say anything I heard something. I froze. It sounded like horse hooves. 

"Why did you stop?" Mitch asked me.

"There's someone heading this way." I said. "Hide in the reckage." I ducked behind a piece of fallen building. The sound got louder. There was more than one but I didn't hear anyone talking.


'Nightmares? What do you mean?'

'I mean that there are no people riding those horses. They are nightmares. The extremely dangerous horse. The one with wings and that is pure black.'

'I get it!'

'Then slay it before it gets a chance to-'

Before Derp could finish a nightmare walked into my line of sight. It turned to me and stared me down. I stood up slowly and put my sword away. "Hey buddy." I said calmly while walking toward it. Maybe I could tame it.

It reared up and tried to stomp me. I took this chance to hop on it's back. It kicked and bucked for a few moments before giving up. I looked around. There were a few more nightmares looking in the rubble. One was heading toward Mitch. 

I took out my bow. I knew that it was going to attack me after but I had to get him away from Mitch. I shot an arrow and it landed by the nightmare's foot. It looked back at me. I watched as Mitch took it by surprise and jumped on it's back and tamed it.

The other nightmares had vanished from sight. I sighed in relief. Mitch walked his nightmare over to me. "Thanks for the distraction." He said. "And now we don't have to walk."

"It's going to make us a bigger target though. Let's keep going. We don't want to be the last ones there."

Ty's Pov

This was going to be fun. Herobrine had brought a few fireballs with him and the plan was to drop them on Entity when he wasn't looking. I also had some TNT so if I catch him not looking I'm using it.

"What's the plan after we run out of fireballs?" Crystal asked.

"Attack." Herobrine said. "You still have a sword so use it."

"No wonder Sky didn't see him as dad." I muttered to Crystal.

"Not only that but I heard Seto and Sky talking and I heard what he did." Crystal muttered back. "I wouldn't really see him as a father either."

"Listen I didn't do that because of the reason you think I did." Herobrine said. "I was trying to get him ready so when the day comes that I'm dead he can take my place. He was never comfortable with killing so I had to take drastic measures. "

"That's no excuse for what you did." Crystal said slightly raising her voice.

Herobrine sighed. What did he do? "How about you two bicker about this later and for now we get flying." I suggested while grabbing as many fireballs as I could carry.

"How will we know who Entity is? We've never seen him." Crystal said.

"He wears a white cloak and has red eyes, it's very hard to miss him." Herobrine said. "Let's go."

We flew up and looked down over the city. We could see everyone. Ssundee and Mitch had found nightmares, Jerome and SB were walking toward the center, Huskey and Jason were scanning the area from a building that didn't fall, and Sky and Seto were exploring the rubble.

We could see Entity too. He was walking toward Jerome and SB. "I'm going to go in closer." I said. I quietly flew closer. I saw Jerome and SB duck behind some rubble and SB take her bow out. She was planning to shoot him as soon as he got into range.

Entity stopped and went around the back of them. I had to do something or else they would get ambushed. I lite my TNT and dropped it right behind Entity. It should blow up right as it hit ground and it shouldn't hit Jerome and SB.

It hit ground and blew. Rocks flew everywhere. Luckily non of them flew straight up and hit me. When the dust cleared I saw Entity scowling at me. Before I knew what happened I was slammed into a wall and dark spots filled my vision.

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