1st January 2009

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Dear Diary,

Mom bought me a new diary for my 8th Birthday! It's the one I'm writing in right now. I love my mom. I love Daddy too. But I really really hate Nick. He's so bad to me! By the way, Nick is my elder brother. He's the worst brother you could ever get. Today for my birthday, he gave me a cute little box with heart shapes and unicorns :D. I thought he was finally being nice to me, but then when I opened the box, a lot of goey red stuff squirted out on my face! :(

Mommy and Daddy laughed when the goo squirted on my face. But it wasn't funny :( ! So I got mad at them and started crying. Then Mommy and Daddy hugged me and said I Love You. So I'm not mad anymore. But Nick did not say sorry. Daddy always told me that when you do something wrong, you must say sorry. I'm so angry with Nick. He's so bad.

Anyway, Daddy is calling me now. I have to cut my birthday cake!

Evelyn Sapphire.

P.S It's a vanilla jelly cake. My favourite!

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