#1 Twin Obsessions

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Chapter one:

It had to be a crime for someone to be so sexy; Jesse decided when she spotted her boss walking into the office with his usual confident stride, looking as gorgeous as ever. 

Acting as if she was busy with the papers she had clutched in her hands, Jesse allowed herself to watch his progress as he walked towards her to his office from the corner of her eyes and she knew without even needing to look that every other woman in the vicinity was doing the exact same thing. Not that she would hold it against them. It just couldn't be helped.

He was like a magnet to all women, young and old.  

And with his bright blue eyes, dark brown hair and demanding presence it wasn't so hard to figure out why. The amount of women who have swooned when he turned his attention on them would be laughable, if you hadn't experienced the full weight of his piercing eyes for yourself. 

“Good morning, Jesse.” Devlish said as he stopped next her desk, his blue eyes boring into her brown ones making her want to squirm in her seat. His proximity causing her womb to clench painfully in need to have him buried deep inside of her.

“Good morning Mr. Monroe.” Jesse said keep her voice as cool and calm as ever as she furiously hid what he made her feel.

Just like so many times before.

"I'm expecting a very important visitor in the next few minutes." Devlish informed her as he picked up the heavy tag on her desk with her name on it. Her eyes following the motion of his fingers as they slowly traced the letters of her name.

“Would you like me to bring you coffee then, Mr. Monroe?” She asked as she smartly plucked the tag from his hands and placed it back where it had been before, ignoring the way his eyes slightly narrowed at her.

“Yes, two cups and make them both the same. How many times have I asked you to call me by my given name? Or at least Dev?" He asked but Jesse stubbornly remained silent. She didn't want to tell him that every time she even thought about calling him Devlish; her mind conjured up all sorts of naughty things.  

Devilish things. 

He sighed. 

"Don't forget to bring a plate of those cookies you make. You know how I like them." He said before walking into his office and closing the door. 

Jesse sighed in relief and her shoulder slumped forwards slightly. Something about that man just wound her up every time he got near her. It's been like that ever since she had walked into his office for her interview. The unerring attraction she felt for a man so out of her league that it was actually laughable. 

She knew that she wasn't good enough, in personality or looks, hell, at anything really, to keep a man interested long enough to obtain what she truly desired, which was to be desired. She was too plain, boring and too stoic for the fiery, passion filled relationship that Devlish offered all women.  

Luke had made sure she knew that before he had left her. 

God, she could still hear his word ringing in her ears after two years. Taunting her on the relationships he had had behind her back because she was too frigid for his taste. He even showed her pictures of the women. The blonds with the huge breasts and figures to die for.  

Things that Jesse couldn't have no matter how hard she wished for it. 

She shook her head and got up to go make the coffee her boss asked for and the plate of cookies that he demanded. She allowed a small smile to tug at the corners of her lips, remembering the first time she had brought a few for her lunch the one day she knew she would be staying in during her break to help Devlish with work that needed to be done. 

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