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Daddy and I walked into the airport with my cafe. I kept close next to him and was super scared to be here with a lot of people around me. It never really bothered me that I couldn't hear the sounds around me, but what really bothered me was the voices that I couldn't hear. We walked into a coffee shop and sat down at a table. Daddy pulled out his cell phone and I pulled out mine. I looked and saw a message from Courtney. It was a picture of her and her boyfriend Shane. I sighed and thought about me having a boyfriend one day, but that would never happen. I sighed and looked up at daddy. "He just landed on the runway." I smiled and he smiled back. He looked down at his phone and I locked mine and put it back in my pocket. When I looked up daddy signed, "He's waiting for us. Let's go find him." I nodded and we left the coffee shop. I followed him and kept up with him until I saw him smiling at someone. I looked at his lips and dad said, "Johnny, you finally made it." I looked at the guy and saw that he was a little bit taller than me with pitch black shades on and he was wearing jeans and a hoodie and boots. "Yeah it was a long flight." I read his lips. I had learned to read lips in school so that I could understand the people that couldn't do sign language. Then Johnny turned his head towards me and then back to daddy. "Is this your daughter?" Dad nodded. "Yes it is." Dad turned to me and signed, "This is Johnny. Be nice." I nodded and looked at Johnny. He was smiling at me and I smiled back. Later we got into the car and I let Johnny sit up front with daddy. I looked down at the time on my phone and saw that it was noon. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw daddy laughing and it kinda made me feel relieved. Then we got in the center lane and we turned off to a Mexican restaurant. I smiled really big and wanted to say yes so bad.

Mexican food had always been my favorite kind of food ever since I was really little. We parked the car at the restaurant and got out. I stretched a bit and Johnny and daddy pulled out their cigarettes. I looked at their lips as they talked. "So have you been in France lately?" Daddy asked. Johnny nodded and took a drag. "I live there, man." Daddy laughed and they finished smoking. We went inside and got a private booth in the very very back. I climbed in and was in the middle of them. They got wine while I had to get water. I looked back and forth at the conversation that they were having and it kind of made me sad that I could see them laughing, but no sound was coming out. I constantly heard the pounding in my ear from my own heartbeat and it was really annoying. By the time I got my food, I didn't want to eat it because I finally realized that I would never hear what they were talking about. I felt so k to my stomach at the thought of being alone for the rest of my life only hearing my own heartbeat. I decided to bring my food home for left over and I think that daddy knew that something was bothering me. We finally arrived home and it was three o' clock. I put my leftovers into the icebox and went up to my room to another night of silence.

DJ: Hey guys! Here's the latest chapter to Silence. The next chapter will be in Johnny's P.O.V so it should be better than this one. But before I put this chapter up I want to ask you guys something. What do you think it would be like if you never heard the voice of Johnny? You never heard his laugh or anything. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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