31 - Grace

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The sound of running water slowly brought me out of my dream as I sighed contently, snuggling closer to the warm body beside me, taking in the scent of the forest on a warm summer day.

Butterflies took flight in my stomach as I recognize it as Caden's and I instantly move closer, smiling when I felt his arms tighten around me and his face buries itself into my hair.

"Grace." My name escapes his lips as a soft sigh and I couldn't help the smile that forms on my lips. But then reality sinks in and I remember the events from yesterday. As much as I loved cuddling with Caden there was something he was hiding from me and until I get the truth I wasn't going to budge one bit for him.

Slowly I pry myself away from him and move to stand, catching a glimpse of Amelia passed out on the matress still in wolf form. I knew they were exhausted from running last night but The Run was almost over and soon we would be able to sleep and relax out sore bodies.

With one last look at my friends, I step out of the cave and into the morning light, catching the glimpse of the rising sun on the tips of the trees.

If we all ran today we would make it to the lodge by night fall.

With that in mind, I head back into the cave and take out the jerky that was in my bag, the sound waking my two friends.

"Hey." I shivered at the slightly heavy sleep filled voice of Caden, taking a deep breath.

"Morning." I knew my tone was clipped, not yet ready to face him. He promised he would tell me the truth but when I asked him for it, he wouldn't tell me. I felt - and still feel - the sting of betrayed.

"I'll be running with you two today." Stating this I throw a pack of jerky at Caden before making my way over to Amelia, tearing our bag open and handing the golden wolf a piece before tearing into my own.

"Wouldn't you rather rest some more?" His deep voice questions me as I turn my head slightly to look into his eyes. Yes I wanted to rest but I didn't want to ride on him for the last of the journy. I had to finish the bet on my own.

"No, I'm good to go." I lied to him as my answer, getting up and stretching my sore muscles. I knew I was being cold with him but knowing that Caden was willingly hiding something from me still hurt.

[You okay?] I jumped slightly and turned to look at Amelia, nodding my head yes in her direction. I could taste her worry on my tongue and judging by the way he shifted on the bed, Caden could too.

The last of our so called food was finished finally as we split it between the three of us, silence filling the cave as we ate. Amelia was still in wolf form and I prefered not talking to Caden right at this moment. If he wanted to talk we could later at the lodge.

With a sigh I stand and stretch, turning to look at the two with a small smile.

"Time to go." I whisper, turning around and stripping my clothes off, hearing Caden doing the same off in a corner as I rush to put my clothes in my bag and ready myself for a shift, feeling my bones crack and mould as my hands and feet became paws, my ears pointing to the top and fur taking over my body. My silver fur, from what I could see, was dingy and dull, almost a grey. I needed a shower and I couldn't wait to feel rushing hot water cleansing the dirt off me.

With a yip to Caden and Amelia I grab my bag and take off, hearing their paw steps behind me as we race out of the cave and into the early morning day. Our goal just ahead of us, the lodge and the bet that I will win.

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