Leo x reader ~Sky High~

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  Sitting on the couch next to your boyfriend, you watched Donatello carefully patch his brother up, "Would you hold still Leo!" He gasped in frustration

"Nope, can't make meeee" Leonardo sang and you giggled. Donatello shot you a look,

"Don't laugh it only encourages him" he was frustrated but you could hear the strain as he suppressed his laughter as well. Leo had taken a hard blow for Mikey in the fight against the Purple Dragons tonight and he had a concussion as well as a deep cut on his shoulder. Donatello had given him a large dose of a pain medication, since his head hurt so much, and it was making Leonardo a bit...loopy.

"Are you almost done, Donnie?" Leonardo's speak slurred a bit and Donatello sighed,

"Leo, its not extremely deep but if you want it to heal correctly you need to let me finish" He scolded and Leo made a noise between a grunt and a whine, which caused you to practically roll with laughter. Don rolled his eyes,

"Okay, Leo, the medication should wear off by the morning...so you'll wake up with a major headache... get some rest because you're high right now"

"I'm not high, Donatello" Leo smirks, "I feel great, are you sure I got hurt?"

"Yes, I'm sure, and yes, you're high" Don cracks a grin, "Imagine that, I got Leo high" he chuckles a bit, "I would have expected Raphael to be the first to do that" Raph, who had been watching his brother with amusement from the beanbag, shot Donatello a look and threw his coke can,

"Shut it before I beat your shell, I don't have time for that stuff and Sensei could smell it from a mile away" Raph however was too caught up in Leos behavior to get too mad about the comment and smiled as Leo stared at his hands

"I'm not high" Leo whined,
he made a sad face which was ridiculous on the stone cold silent ninja. You laugh again, "I'm not funny!" He protests,

"No, fearless, most of the time you're definitely not funny" Raph retorted, "It's a good thing Mikey fell asleep or you'd both be lite right now and I can't handle him when he's normal" Although Leo had taken the grunt of the hit, Mikey ended up catching the back lash and slammed his head against the floor when he fell. Leo stuck his tongue out at Raph then he turned to you and gasped,

"GUYS THERES A GIRL IN THE LAIR!!!!" He looked at you with fascination, "Where'd you come from? Oh wait I know..Donnie told me where girls come from when we were little" he giggled and stared at you, "Why aren't you scared of me? I'm really ugly" Raph snorted and laughed really hard, "What are you laughing at you're uglier?" Now it was Donatello's turn to laugh, "You can laugh, you're not that ugly" Leo slurred, "Hey, girl in the lair, do you-" he leaned in really close and whispered in your ear, "Want to be my girlfriend?" You smiled,

"Of course I'll be your girlfriend!" You smiled, he cheered,


"Okay Leo, it's time to get to bed, tell your girlfriend bye" Donatello said as he helped Leo up

"Bye girlfriend" Leo called as he walked to the room, "Did you hear that? I got a girlfriend?!?"

"Yeah, I did hear that, you also got a concussion" Donatello said as he walked Leo to his room. Raphael began to laugh uncontrollably,

"What?" You smiled, you had never seen him laugh so much,

"I got it all on video" he gasped as he held up a camera.

And that is the story of why Raphael had to run extra laps for a month.  

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