Raph x reader ~So You Think~

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  "So, you think I'm gruff and rude I hear?" I snap my eyes open from my meditation to find Raphael sitting in front of me. I blush a bit from him knowing what I said earlier to his brother, Donatello. Swallowing the lump in my throat and holding his gaze, I don't reply, "Well, is that true?" He asks, his emotions flat. I lick my lips and continue to keep my eyes locked to his.

"Yes" I answer honestly, flatly

"Hmm" he grunts as he rocks backwards a bit, "Alright get up" I give him a strange look and don't do as he requests. He sighs and picks me up from the ground.

"And you think you're none of those things?" I snap pulling myself from his grip. He smirks and chuckles

"I never said that" he says, "I just said get up"

"You are a pushy arrogant jerk!" I yell, getting tired of his games. I lash out and kick him in the gut. He lets me, barely moving from my blow. "You are so so so" I feel my face heat up in anger and something else that I can't quite pin point.

"So what?" He asks haughtily. I punch him, I feel my blood boil and run cold all at once. He lets me hit him, taking my blow gracefully, seemingly unphased. "So what" He asks smoothly, his throaty growl sending shivers of attraction through my spine.

"You're so SELF ABSORBED! YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ME! YOU TRY YOUR HARDEST TO MAKE ME LEAVE! WELL MAYBE I'LL OBLIGE!" I turn and start to walk away, he seems almost hurt.

"I'm sorry" I hear him mumble, "I didn't realize you felt that way" I stop...

"Excuse me?" I ask confused

"Look I said I was sorry" he says embarrassed

"You, Raphael, you're sorry?" I chuckle almost amused, "You're words mean nothing, prove it" I say dead pan, challenging him. I'm not letting him off the hook that easily. In one large stride the hot headed turtle has me against his body and wrapped in his embrace. His lips find their way to mine. In a second it's over, and I'm left confused as butterflies fly through my body. "Wh-what" I stutter. He looks at me as a deep blush plays across his face.

"There, now you know. I wasn't trying to shove you away...I just wanted you to stay safe because I... I... I really care okay. I wasn't trying to push you out of our missions, I just...I wanted to protect you" he looks away and starts to let me go, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-" I cut him off by pressing my lips against his own. He looks shocked,

"Next time just kiss me, okay" he chuckles and pulls me closer,

"Will do"  

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