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In seconds I was out of the hospital bed with the doctor pinned to the wall by his neck, cutting of some of his air, but let his breath in a little.

"If you're fucking lying, I'll fucking come back and will slit your throat." I snapped, Clay and Charles ripped me off him, Roselyn helped the doctor back up to his feet.

"Room 327." He coughed out, I looked around the room taking The bag Charles brought and slipped into the joggers, I think is his and a shirt.

Turned back around I ran out the room, ignoring the pain in my head, or the way my legs felt like they would give out any minute. The others followed me.

"Don't tell him anything." I told them sternly, my shaking hand went To the door handle, it felt so fake, like this was all a dream.

When I hoped the door my heart stopped, tears building in my eyes when they connected to dark brown once.

His arms opened and I ran into them, my heart hurt from how happy I felt, my arms tighten around his neck, my head placed in the crook of his neck, "Asher." I whispered/cried.

"It's me my love." He whispered back, my shoulder was getting wet and I knew he was crying to, "I'm not leaving you again."

I cried hard, my arms pulling him closer if possible, I was scared if I let go this would all be a dream, I finally had him back.

I could feel the warmth of his skin, I could feel his breath that tickled my neck, I could feel his heartbeat when my hand trailed down to his chest, I cried with happiness.

My head turned to Charles and I glared at him, "could you please answer the phone next time, no matter what is going on." He nodded staring at Asher like the others.

"B-but how? I watched her unplu-" Clay was cut off by Asher who shook his head, he could feel my heart increased with every word Clay spoke.

"It's okay My love, you did what you needed." He whispered, his voice was something I missed the most, the way it was deep and sexy but soft.

He kissed the side of my head, my legs were wrapped around him so when he sat on his bed, I was straddling him.

I kept my head in the crook of his neck, I was tired as hell but I was to scared to fall asleep, what if this is a dream and I wake up.

My eyes widen and I turned my head a little so I could look at Clay and mouthed, "you sure I'm not dead?" He shook his head.

He mouthed a "you're not." Before looking back at Asher, "how are you feeling?" He asked taking a seat in the chair, "I'd hug you but..." he pointed at me.

Asher's chest vibrated, my heart clenched, missing the should of his chuckles and the way my heart felt like cloud nine when he laughed. "Good, Doctor said it's a miracle. have you been taking care of her?" He asked.

From the corner of my eyes, I seen them all freeze, I held in a groan, that was going to get Asher suspicious, he noticed everything he was like the FBI but I guess I loved that about him to.

Clay slowly nodded, Asher arms tighten around me, it felt so good to be back in his arms, you know those kind of hugs that make you feel wanted and not alone.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Roselyn squeak running out the room, Charles smiled nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

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