You're A Meme

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(Warnings: Motherfucking Donald Trump, the news being nosy again, murder plot advancement, "what's a meme and why am we considered one?', shorter filler chapter with some plot lmao)
(Y/n POV)
My jaw dropped at my tv as the news played a breaking news headline. Another murder by the Midtown Cannibal. This time, it was a seventeen year old boy named Jordan, who had been stalked, abducted, and murdered in an office in Trump towers, while Trump was actually visiting it.
"It's a tragedy," the 'president' said on air. "I can't believe this happened right under the nose of the secret service and myself."
James hadn't seen anything about the murderer much since he came, so he was utterly shocked. "Quite a...brutal and violent serial killer."
I nodded. "He killed my neighbor on New Year's Eve and I found her body."
"Oh, the door across the hall? Is that why it's closed off and those police officers are always going in?" James asked.
"Yup." F/n sighed. "Vanessa was such a nice woman, why would anyone want to do that to her?"
"Like I know, this guy just killed a kid." Burr said in a disgusted voice, rubbing his eyes and closing up a book. He decided to change the subject. "I just read fifteen books in five days, and three different series."
"I wish I liked reading that much." F/n remarked.
"It's not that I do, it's just I want to educate myself on today's America..." Burr showed the title of the book he had been reading. It was the evolution of guns. He was really educating himself well.
"Moving onto some less serious news tonight, a citygoer spotted and took this picture of the Alexander Hamilton lookalike sitting on a bench with a young woman eating a hotdog." I spat out my drink and everyone looked up on the TV, screaming and pushing each other while saying repeatedly incomprehensible sentences.
"That's so weird!" The other news caster uttered, "He looks so much like Alexander Hamilton, it's almost like we're seeing his ghost. It's even weirder it's right around the corner from his grave, too!"
Alexander laughed and did double-pistols at the TV, "Little do you know, it's the real deal."
God dammit these men are picking up on slang so well.
"I guess I'm famous again!" He remarked, smirking and crossing his legs.
"And also! What's weirder is a different person submitted this picture of the same woman in Froyo Palace with a John Laurens lookalike. This woman knows all the founding fathers lookalikes!"
I choked again and John laughed and pointed at the TV. "Hell yeah!"
He high-fived Alexander and they hugged. "We're famous!"
F/n held up their phone. "You're also memes."
"What's a meme and why are we considered them?" Laurens asked, looking at the text post someone posted on Instagram of them.
Then they went on and explained what memes were. Thomas gripped the chair excitedly. "I want to be a meme."
Yeah me too, Thomas.
We all wanna be a good ole crispy meme.
(A/n: Don't sorry guys. I have my plans for the next chapter being:
Thomas, James and Y/n go out. Thomas makes a fool of himself to try and become a legendary meme. F/n meets them at the library with the others and they build book forts. This leads into the James Madison bonding chapter. Yay! Hoped you like this crispy meme chapter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

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