Meeting him

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(May's character above)

It was my first day of school. Like any other person I didn't want to go. Socialising with people is not my cup of tea. I just can't do it. I gave up with trusting people after I met him. He ruined my life for me. Sorry, I haven't even told you my name. My name is May. May Thompson. Obviously you haven't heard of me. I just started school. I am 17 and I wouldn't say I am the prettiest. In fact I have a lot of bad things about me. I am too fat,not pretty, my hair is ugly like my personality. You wouldn't want to know a person like me. I want to try make it through this year without having any drama. That is my only wish, after this I won't have to face these people ever again.
I woke up that morning, already in a bad mood. I don't like waking up early, sleep is too precious.
My mum tries to get me to eat things but I just can't do it because once I start, I can't stop. I got dressed, trying to make a effort with how I looked and Walked downstairs to try get some breakfast in me. The only problem is, I can't eat.
"Honey, you need to start eating properly,your too skinny for my liking" my mum said.
She always tries to make me feel better by saying these nice things to me. I know she's just trying to make me feel better about myself. It won't work, I've always felt this way about myself.
My mom dropped me off to school. I had a really nice Mercedes Benz but I was just too tired to drive school.I hadn't even walked in to the actual school and I already felt so self-conscious. I feel as if everyone is staring at me and if anyone laughs, then they are laughing at me. At least I didn't start during the middle of the year. Who know what this days holds for me?
I walked into the reception on the school. I didn't want to go up to the lady because that mean to would have to talk to her but I had to if I wanted to get to my lessons. I walked up, trying not to get any attention in myself. In a quiet and hushed voice, I asked the receptionist for my schedule. In a loud and outgoing voices she said "sorry darling, I didn't hear you, could you repeat that?" making everyone's eyes go on us. I never curse but this was a FML moment for sure.

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